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Be Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes- Beauty Review

I’m SO thrilled to be reviewing this product for you ladies!

Let me introduce to you the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, brought to you courtesy of a brand new company called ‘Younique’.

luxury package

Louise Crellin is the lovely lady that introduced me to this product and she has started working on behalf of Younique, selling their products. You can check out her website here.

When Louise said this was the best mascara she has ever used I must admit I had my doubts as they all claim to be the best. I have gone through endless amounts of the stuff to try and make my little lashes look better.

When it arrived in the post, the first thing that stood out was the incredible packaging the mascara came in.  It almost looks like a glasses case! It looks extremely professional and very smart. Inside, there are two tubes and an instruction leaflet, yes, instructions! Louise also gave me the heads up that I will need to use an eyelash comb also, great tip for sure.

So, to start with you need to apply a light layer of your favourite mascara and let it dry. Then you need to take the Transplanting Gel and add a layer and immediately top with the Micro Fibers, so they can set. It’s recommend to do one eye at a time and I really do recommend it also! It felt so bizarre to be putting actual fibers on my eye lashes but oh my goodness, the result was incredible! You then need to set the fibers using the transplanting gel again and then viola! You are done.

Photo 29-11-2014 12 56 15 pm (1)

(Excuse the creepy eyes) but here is the result. Gorgeous, full lashes! I can hand on heart say that this mascara is THE best I have ever used and probably will use. It is the closest to false eyelashes you will get. It is easy to use, incredibly long lasting and easy to remove. What more could you want ladies?

You can get yours now at http://www.littleluxuriesbeauty.com/ for £23 each.

(All opinions have been my own and not influenced by anyone else)


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