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A wonderfully imperfect life

I was on pinterest again, just 5 minutes ago. I love that site, I really do, for its beautiful images, design inspiration and mouth-watering pictures of food, but it starts to make me feel sad as I scroll down the images. Why? Because everything looks so perfect.

Everyone is having perfect dinner parties with quirky vintage tableware, making amazing three course meals and they all have these pretty, old-fashioned bars with beautiful glasses. Then the home decor part arrives and everyone’s living rooms look so cool and effortlessly styled and their offices! What I would give for such a well-organised work space with the obligatory white desk, quirky chair, Apple Mac and inspiration ‘mood’ board in front of me… not to mention the collection of coffee table books and art prints hanging from the walls.

Everyone is styled in the latest outfits and has the time and patience to make party decor and again I say, incredible food! Yes, it makes me feel.. not perfect and like I need to be doing more. The truth is that there are many lifestyle blogs out there that depict a perfect sugar-coated life, with a side of pastel macarons and cake-pops, and it’s not that these are unrealistic images, because they aren’t, and I hugely admire the women behind these blogs. You are all a seriously creative and inspiring bunch and I wish I could create even a third of what you do but the truth is, I can’t.

Not because I don’t have it in me,  I’m sure somewhere within me I do, but I live in a small apartment, it is messy, my kitchen is not really a kitchen, my living room and office are one. I’m not a messy person, but my apartment always seems to be messy no matter how much I try to clean it. If I were to ever invite people around for dinner I have no idea where I would put them; it would be very uncomfortable and a little awkward. Back to the kitchen space, there isn’t a whole lot of room there either, yes it makes things difficult sometimes but it works for me.

I always imagine these amazing meals I could cook but the reality is, I get home at the end of my day exhausted and raging hungry and the idea of standing in front of a stove cooking for a couple of hours makes me want to cry and so I opt for something that can be easily assembled within the hour. Not anything unhealthy mind you, I love my fruit and vegetables, but just not anything incredibly creative either.

The weekends can play out differently, I have some time to experiment, because I really do enjoy cooking, I just wish I had more time to be able to do it. I love long weekend lunches, the table and decor may not be as beautiful as in the pictures I see but I’m happy with it. I just really hate the cleaning part. Of course like every other person, I enjoy going out for dinner, I’m a foodie at heart. I own dozens of beautiful cookbooks, unfortunately I don’t actually use the recipes as often as I should, rather, I just flip through the beautiful images telling myself that I will make something… soon.

Baking is my thing, my cakes aren’t picture perfect and I don’t do the whole pretty frosting and sprinkles thing or even three or four layer cakes and my cupcakes are nothing like the beauties you find in the supermarkets but my baking is homely, sometimes uneven, but it all tastes good!

The truth is that I work well in chaos, I hope one day I can have a nice little office space to call my own but right now, working in my living room with all my paperwork spread out in front of me seems to work, so I get on with it and I choose sleep over decorating. No life is not picture perfect, its busy, chaotic and tiring but I like the imperfections because to me they aren’t imperfections at all, they are just pieces of my life.


  • Loved this article. I love the ideals that Pintrest portray but like you say, hardly any of my meals come out as they are shown and by the time I get home I have to just eat what’s in my cupboard! I do love it though as it helps inspire me with home decor ideas and make up ideas but I know it will always have ‘my twist’ on it! xx

  • Karen, I must say that I’m a bit envious of your “chaos!”
    I am soooo OCD-ish that I spend far too much time cleaning, straightening and organizing.
    Some day I hope to get it through my thick head that I’m only really wasting time. There is so much more that I could be doing in the name of service to others.

  • Karen Athwal Karen Athwal says:

    Thanks ladies! I think Pintrest is everyone’s guilty pleasure, who doesn’t love beautiful imagery?! Kathleen, what I would give to want to be just a little bit cleaner….but you’re right there is so much more to be done, let loose woman!

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