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When Mommy and Daddy Get Tired of Playing Hide and Seek

You love your little ones. You also love your partner. Once the house is filled with the pitter patter of little feet, getting the opportunity to show your love for your partner may require some fancy footwork of your own little feet. The children come equipped with a satellite system that alerts them whenever loving between adults is in the air. Stealing a few cuddles and kisses can quickly become a game of Hide and Seek Out the Kisses for Mommy and Daddy.

There are ways to get in a little more cuddle time with your partner without leaving the kids neglected, especially when they’re in that crucial age group where they’re big enough to walk around the house but not quite old enough to entertain themselves long enough to not care what you’re doing:

Have a sleepover in your bedroom

This may seem counterproductive, but there is a method to the madness. A couple of times through the night, your children probably come to your bedroom, looking for you, your partner, or both of you. If you invite them into your bed with you for the night, their location eliminates their need to come looking for you. This frees you and your partner up to escape and remember how cool it is to pet in the kitchen. Or the washroom.

Send them on an ant trail

Allow the kids to follow a trail of black ants on the patio. Tell them to follow the last ant as if they are a part of the ant community and see where the last one goes. What will likely happen is they’ll lose their original ant and pick up a different one on a totally different path. This can also work with other small, non-stinging insects that move around quite a bit. You can keep an eye on them while they do this, perhaps at the kitchen window. They can’t see what’s happening below the window level, so your partner may go onto a whole other trail for a few treasured minutes.

Let them hunt four leaf clovers so you can get lucky

Get the kids to help you draw pictures of four leaf clovers. Then, send them out into the backyard to look for three of these elusive plants. While they hunt, you can enjoy cuddling on the living room couch, or any other room that has windows into the backyard, where you can watch the clover hunt between kisses.

Set an egg timer

Introduce the little ones to the concept of timed activities. Set an egg timer and spend time cuddling with them, along with your partner. When the timer goes off, explain that Family Cuddle Time for that part of the day is over. Explain that they are to play quietly—in another room, preferably—while you and your partner have Grown Up Cuddle Time. Reset the timer and get in all the kisses you can before it goes off. The great thing about this tactic is that you can repeat it as many times as you want throughout the day and everyone will eagerly play along.

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