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We’ve Been Using ‘YOLO’ All Wrong

Go on Instagram and search the #YOLO tag. Go on, do it. Now, tell me what you see.

Here’s what I found on this Yolo-vestigation:

1) A photo of 2 girls smoking cigarettes, with the tag #badgirls following the #YOLO tag

2) A photo of a bottle of rum, tagged #YOLO #tonightweareyoung

3) Countless #selfies of girls blowing kisses or sporting the infamous #duckface, tagged #YOLO

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the matter and can post whatever they like on their social media accounts. However, I’m going to say something here and I hope that some of you agree with me. We’ve been using #YOLO all wrong. This is why:

The meaning of YOLO is something we are all aware of; ‘You Only Live Once’ – doesn’t get more obvious than that. But where people differ is in their approach to the concept.

You see, most people think: Since we only get one life, we should take every opportunity (good or bad) that comes our way, because we may not be presented with that chance again, and every experience is a lesson and a story to tell our children/friends/pets. This often leads to people doing reckless, even life-threatening things – all for the sake of living up to the YOLO life set by today’s society. Do you want to have a party on the roof?  Drink til you can’t walk in a straight line? Drive without a license? (Because, YOLO) Being presented with choices, and using YOLO as the reason to do something may not always be the best idea, but it seems that YOLO is the way young people are thinking these days.

This is what I think: we should strive to make the best choices for ourselves BECAUSE we only live once, and one bad decision can set us on a completely different path. Having one life should not be an excuse to do stupid things – it should be the reason why we do things we love – things that add value and quality to our lives. As a kid, I wanted to be a teacher, a singer, a writer, a doctor, an actress, a princess and a hotel manager (a random array of professions, some more easily attained than others). This is where YOLO is really important. Since we have one life, we can’t pursue every goal we have. No one can be 5, 10 or 15 things at once. So, chase your dreams, and do whatever it takes to make them come true. That will make the best YOLO story.


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