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Wedding dress shopping – is it really all that?

Wedding dress shopping – is it really all that?

As soon as we planned a date for our wedding, I was excited to go dress shopping. I’d been watching back to back episodes of say yes to the dress and dress of your dreams and couldn’t wait to take my bridesmaids and entourage dress shopping, just like they do on the television. 3 months on, I’ve been to 5 dress shops, tried on approximately 19 gowns, my entourage “couldn’t make it” and I’m still waiting for that rush of emotion and that television moment where I burst into tears and decide that’s the dress for me.

The truth is, it’s just a dress, yes, I want to feel fantastic, I want to feel amazing, and I want to look beautiful, but the reality is? you’re standing in a shop in your bra and knickers ( here’s hoping you’ve remembered to put matching ones on) in front of a total stranger, who’s helping you make your way into huge puffs of tulle and organza. By dress number three, you’ve started to get hot and sweaty, the dress is sticking to you, and the total stranger has you in all sorts of positions trying to get these puffs of tulle over your head, then, in all the yanking pulling, your bra pops off and your boobs are hanging out. So now I’m standing in front of this stranger in my old knickers (why oh why did I not plan ahead and think of my underwear selection better) with a sweaty body, my boobs hanging out, and a wedding dress tangled round my neck – Oh the shame.
Finally, I’m down to my final 2 dresses, and I love both, but I’ve never had that teary moment, the one that people kept telling me about ” the dress will choose you” they said, as though I’m bloody Harry Potter choosing his wand.
I’ve came to the conclusion, it’s a dress, and I want to feel wonderful in it, but has it been worth the hours of trawling the internet and dress shops? Or standing in a shop with a stranger with my boobs out and my dignity out the window? No. Just wish I’d realised all this before I embarked upon “mission wedding dress”, it would have saved me a lot of time and stress.


  • Terri Brown Terri Brown says:

    love this. I wanted my wedding dress shopping to include elegance, Champagne sipping and teary eyes. like you it included, sweaty pits, run away boobs and snobby sales assistants to boot!

    • Kirsten Welch Kirsten Welch says:

      Thank you Terri, that was the experience I was looking for too, it never happened that way! I felt like I was putting myself under too much pressure to have that experience also lol.

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