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Has Tinder killed romance?

Left, left, left, left…

That was me being the person I told myself I would never be, a Tinder user. Mindlessly swiping left to those who I didn’t feel attracted to, occasionally swiping right to anyone with a beard.

I was really into it, trying to be witty and keeping up conversation. I even went on a date! To be fair it was actually the best date I’d been on in a while, but there was no second date (he drank a lot of red wine, that’s all I will say).

At first it was fun. The cheesy, funny and downright awful chat up lines, but that got very old quickly. It soon turned into a boredom fix, swiping right but never talking to the match. I had gotten bored of the small talk. I also got bored of the awful dirty talk some men started conversation with (do they really expect a reply?).

It was sometimes, admittedly, an ego fix seeing if someone had swiped right to me. Then I thought of all the people who I had rejected on Tinder and all of a sudden saw the shoe on the other foot and pictured all those who had rejected me. This reminded me of the reason why I never wanted Tinder in the first place. How do I know that one of the guys I have swiped left to isn’t actually a really funny person? I had just thrown him into an online bin. I’m not taking it as seriously as thinking I could possibly find the one on Tinder, but I think we should be a bit more open to who we talk to.

Or we should drag our eyes away from our phones and meet people the old fashioned way. Whatever happened to romance? We’re all quick to hide behind our phones and act all confident over dating apps but apps don’t offer spontaneity, you cant give eye contact with someone over an app, you can’t even tell if you’re talking to a real person.

We need to ask ourselves, has technology killed romance or has it opened up a world of romantic possibilities? Are people now connecting with those they never thought possible and is Tinder an easy way to online date? Can people really find love on Tinder? Or have we become so consumed by how we appear online that we are more interested in the ‘rate’ rather than the ‘date’?


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