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Ten of the world’s most luxurious honeymoon destinations:

So, we all want the utmost in romance and luxury on our honeymoon, after all a honeymoon is a once in your lifetime thing – it needs to be a memorable holiday and for the right reasons. Here is a list of the ten most luxurious honeymoon locations in the world which includes some destinations such as Paris and Venice, as well as containing some rather more unusual romantic spots, like Thailand and Indonesia – I guess it just depends what you and your new spouse want to get out of your time away…

Paris, France:
Of course no top ten list of honeymoon destinations would be complete without Paris, afterall it is supposed to be the city of love! Paris draws thousands of visitors a year, many of which are young, newly married couples – it is a city full of culture, fine cuisine, with picturesque views to boot. The Louvre Art Gallery, the Arch De Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower, are all must sees whilst staying in Paris.

Bali, Indonesia:
Bali rarely disappoints its visitors with its, stunning, sandy shores and refreshing, green canopies, this island is such a secluded, idyllic honeymoon destination. There are many things that attract honeymooners to Bali, whether it is the active volcano to explore, the relaxing spas on the seafront or perhaps the exotic night life in the town of Kuts, there is almost certainly something for everyone.

The Maldives:
The Maldives are islands that are located in the Indian Ocean and are rather famous for their idyllic, stunning scenery and peaceful beaches. The Maldives make an ideal place for the perfect most romantic honeymoon, not to mention that everything is drenched in the utmost of luxury. Whether you just sunbathe on the personal decking of your very own villa, whilst having your own masseuse on call or take a scuba dive to see the island’s famous sea life, you will both definitely come home feeling a lot more relaxed!

Venice, Italy:
Venice, one of the most romantic cities on the planet – it goes without saying! Venice offers its visitors beauty and romance, along with many attractions, including some fantastic architecture and scenic views and you must enjoy a wander along Venice’s back streets is definitely a must to take in the awe of the city. And you will be surrounded by that lush Italian accent – mmm, what’s not to love?

The Seychelles:
The Seychelles are made up of around 115 islands that are scattered throughout the exquisite Indian Ocean and which ever island you choose to stay on, you will definitely be impressed with your choice. For a stunning holiday, in a dream like location, with white sandy beaches and turquoise seas, you cannot go wrong with a romantic honeymoon to The Seychelles – it will definitely make all your friends jealous!

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand:
Want an unusual honeymoon destination? But still want all the romance, luxury and the once in a lifetime holiday? Well look no further, as a stay at The Khao Sok National Park will fill all these criteria. This National Park is located in a secluded and stunningly beautiful area of rainforest in Thailand. So if you want to spend your honeymoon relaxing with elephants, hornbills and gibbons, whilst sleeping under the stars, then Thailand is the place for you.

Bora Bora, The French Polynesia:
Perhaps not a honeymoon destination that is on the forefront of everyones mind, but the small island of Bora Bora on the French Polynesia is an ideal location for any honeymooners wanting a relaxing, peaceful environment, with tropical temperatures, warm seas and soft sandy beaches. Along with the typical characteristics of a tropical paradise, Bora Bora has dormant volcanoes and fabulous rich jungles to explore.

Ponta Dos Ganchos, Brazil:
No, I am not mentioning Brazil because the world cup has just taken place there but because it is an amazing place to have a very memorable honeymoon. Ponta Dos Ganchos is a very private and serene paradise where everything is designed around your relaxation and enjoyment. If the stunning scenery, spas and shorelines, don’t top your list of memorable moments then the fact that candles are left lit in your room at night and your initials are placed on top of your coffee at breakfast will surely make it a magical holiday to remember – they really do go that extra mile!

St. Barts, The Caribbean:
The French Caribbean island of St. Bart’s is probably most known for being the holiday location of the rich and famous, but it is also ideal for a honeymoon and it is far from snooty! St. Bart’s offers its guests a wide range of luxury hotels and villas to stay in, with picturesque views and sandy beaches a plenty. Cocktail anyone?

Lake Pichola, India:
Lake Pichola in India is widely regarded as one of the most romantic holiday spots in India and what is not to love with the fairytale like turrets and domes of the marble buildings that are situated in the middle of the lake. With many gourmet Indian restaurants for your selection, knowing where and what to eat will be a time consuming problem!

Knowing where to go on your honeymoon, let alone what hotel to stay in can be a hard decision to make, but if you choose one of the fabulous locations on this list, you will never be far from romance and luxury.


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