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She Means Business- Ever Ever After Parties

Every little girl dreams of one day becoming a princess, living in a castle and finding Prince Charming. Then we grow up, and working 9 til 5, squeezing into a one bed flat with a ridiculous rent price tag and going on an abundance of bad dates becomes reality. Since becoming an actual princess is holding on to the slim possibility that you’ll meet Prince Harry and convince him to fall in love with you, following the princess dream means you have to improvise. Rachael Tallentire turned her fairytale obsession and princess hopes into a successful business, by becoming them for children’s parties! Why didn’t we think of that?

Read on for an exclusive interview with Rachael, on starting a business from scratch, being spotted in her regular clothes, and the smile on all the children’s faces when they realise they have a very special guest at their birthday party!


She Means Business: Break Down:

Ever Ever After Parties is a children’s entertainment company in the North East of England that provide the hire of favourite storybook character’s for parties and events including all your favourite princesses, pirates, fairies and more. We travel all around the North East offering game and stories, songs and dances, treasure hunting, makeovers, crafts and so much more!

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What made you want to start this business?

I had worked with children a few years before I started my company, first doing pantomimes and then onto holiday parks. I loved both of these jobs but wanted to experiment and try something different.

I first thought about trying tribute work but then I wouldn’t be able to work with children as much. I was then speaking to a guest at the holiday park I was working for, who told me I should do entertainment at kid’s parties. That got me thinking! I knew just going to parties as myself wouldn’t really work so thought what about a character! Why not be what every little girl dreams of being as a child? A princess!

It’s a tough time to be starting a business from scratch. Did you ever worry it would fail?

I started up in November 2012 and at first we were very quiet; getting a few bookings scattered across the months. I was unsure if it would ever take off but I stuck at it, believing it would. It was around November 2013 when we got really popular and took off, the success being from word of mouth! Now we have bookings nearly every weekend up until December. It’s fantastic!

What is it like to be a princess every day?

It is great fun! Sometimes you have a day when you wake up and you think “I don’t want to put on the heavy wig and eyelashes. I just want to stay in my pjs” But once you get to the party and see the look on the birthday girl’s face when you walk in, it just makes you automatically happy, knowing you are making their dreams come true!

Ever Ever After

Belle At Christmas

How many characters do you have? Who’s the favourite?

I have around 37 characters but if someone came along and asked for a character we didn’t have, there would be the possibility of adding them if I thought they would be popular for future bookings.

My two favourite characters sadly aren’t that popular and only get a few bookings every so often. They are Mary Poppins and Snow White.

Do you ever get your princesses mixed up?

Not really as at the moment I am playing the Ice Queen almost every weekend, although when I do play an other princess I do have to tell myself “I’m not the queen” over and over.

Have you ever been recognised outside your princess persona?

Yes this has happened a couple of times. My favourite was when I had just had an appearance in a shopping centre as Cinderella. I got changed and headed out to go home and then all of a sudden I heard a little girl say “Mum look it’s Cinderella in normal clothes!”

I had no idea of what to do so I just smiled and walked on. It didn’t help that I was wearing a blue dress and had hair very much like Cinderella’s at the time. I do worry when I see children I have had parties with out shopping etc… but when they look at me I automatically put on a stronger Geordie accent so I don’t sound anything like the princess!

The best achievement of Ever Ever After Parties?

That’s a tough question I think everything I do at the moment is an achievement. One thing I am very proud of is to have raised £800 holding two events for a charity I work close to, The Charlie Cookson Foundation.

What are Ever Ever After Parties plans for the future?

I have got some wonderful ideas for future events, which will be revealing soon on my facebook page. I am also hoping to expand somewhere else in the country in the future!

Do you have any advice for other young women who want to start their own business?

Just follow your dreams as you only live once. If you keep thinking of all the negative things that will happen and never get round to doing what you want to do, you will regret it one day! And most importantly, Don’t Give Up!

For further information about Ever Ever After Parties or to book a character for your children’s party check out their website at :


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