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Say No To Cosmetic Animal Testing

As of March 2013, countries in the EU cannot make or sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals. But this does not mean we can all be sure that the cosmetics we buy are guaranteed to be animal test free. These laws are not in place in other parts of the world such as South East Asia and the USA and if your buying products online, or companies ship over these products, you could easily be purchasing animal tested products without even realising.

But why is animal testing still part of the cosmetic making process? The well-established cosmetic brand Clarins stopped animal testing in 1987 in their products and chose to use different ways to test new product safety. If they could do it nearly 30 years ago, why aren’t other companies choosing to go animal free too? Surely modern technology can make that possible?

Some facts about animal testing:

Hundreds of thousands of animals are tested on, for cosmetic development each year

92% of drugs that pass the animal testing stage, fail at human clinical trails.

It is against the law for companies in the UK to test cosmetics on animals, but they can still use ingredients in their products that have been if those products have been developed overseas!

Animals that are tested on include rats, mice, rabbits, fish, birds, pigs and even dogs.

Animals are burned, injected, crippled and abused in labs around the world every year.

The most common tests carried out for cosmetics on animals is the allergy test, where chemicals are rubbed on their skin or dripped into their eyes without any form of pain relief.

It is possible for other alternatives to be used to carry out tests on cosmetics that does not involve any animals.

How can you avoid buying an animal tested product?

Do your research! Before buying a new beauty product, give it a quick Google. If a brand does not use animal testing, it will be documented on their website. After all it is something to boast about.

Check the label! Look for the leaping bunny on all your cosmetics to ensure that product or any ingredients in the product have not been tested on animals. Beware, some companies use other bunny logos or leaf logos to show their products are organic or natural, but this does not mean it is animal testing free.

Buy from one store! Chains such as The Body Shop and Lush are proud that none of their products are involved in the ill-treatment of animals. These stores stock all your beauty needs too, from shampoo and shower gel, to skin products and make up, so you can make sure none of your beauty regime has been tested on animals AND it cuts down your shopping time! Perfect!

And it’s not just your beauty buys!

Everything from bleach to washing up liquid is tested on animals, so make sure you check your household products too!

These popular brands DO NOT test on animals. Thank You:

Avon, Burt’s Bees, Barry M, Clarins, Lancome, Revlon, Superdrug, and Yves Saint Laurent.


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