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Recipe for Sensuality

Warning! Poetry alert!

Recipe for Sensuality

“Chilli peppers are an aphrodisiac” she’d read, “The senses are awakened and happy hormones are bred.”

With enthralment she searches every cupboard and shelf,

For spices and herbs to express herself.

A lengthy preparation with intervals for wine,

Feeling the smooth, round redness of tomatoes on the vine,

She likes to behold the fruit before she slices,

Crying tears for the onion and savouring all spices.

The slower the cook the better the taste,

The tender heat leaving you spaced,

A natural, sudden and euphoric high,

Immerses you like a piquant Shanghai!

Anticipation climbs as the aroma entwines

around the hungry nostrils in swirling, teasing lines,

Olfactory heaven but a starving man’s torture,

Every scent made by the recipe’s author.

Red wine and dark chocolate deepen desire,

Whilst creamy avocado lets good health transpire,

Every stir filled with loving intent,

The first bite is grateful and the last is content.


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