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Promoting natural beauty

I have always preferred the natural look to a face full of makeup, partly because I’ve always looked the way I look and when I was younger, I didn’t have friends that could help me with makeup because I was mixed raced and they weren’t. Nor did I have an older sister, so when I myself was older, I decided I would teach myself how to apply makeup. It was ok, but I felt self conscious and felt  that I looked too made up to be just sitting around the house. I am a girl so I did like looking glamorous, but I made the decision to wear makeup for events and at all other times, promote my natural beauty.

Why cover up what I got? I’ve always taken good care of my skin, well you have to when you don’t know how to cover it up properly and now I’m glad I didn’t because it is liberating and has given me confidence to go anywhere without makeup on . Other people are the total opposite of me and feel self conscious when they don’t have makeup on and you know what? I don’t blame them. Sure I want everybody to feel beautiful when they don’t have makeup on but when you have papers and magazines naming and shaming female celebrities for wearing no makeup, you can see where insecurity stems from.

 So when we hear of charity campaigns such as ‘no makeup selfie’ for Cancer Research and the appropriately named ‘bear face selfie’ for the BBC’s Children In Need it should be music to our ears. I am not one who follows that way of thinking however. Sure I’m all for raising money for a worthy cause but I can’t get my head around the idea of a no makeup selfie being a “brave” post and worthy of a donation to charity. It hurts my head because it seems so messed up when people are fighting for their life, that posting a picture of a naturally beautiful face could be considered as courageous. The BBC’s ‘bear faced selfie’ should be selfies with either a bear mask on or with the face painted to look like Pudsey not of people with no makeup and just a paw print sticker on their face because that to me doesn’t scream ‘bear faced’.

That’s just my opinion and I would love to hear what anybody else thinks and whether you are for or against these kinds of campaigns.


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