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The Pride of Britain Awards

After watching The Pride of Britain awards, I can’t help but feel inspired by the heart-warming stories and the courageous people behind them. I watch it every year and this year it was even better than the last.

The media is full of sad stories and after reading endless news reports about the latest murder or the latest robbery, it’s hard to have any faith that there are any good people left in the world. But there are good people in the world. They just don’t get the same spotlight that bad people do, which is a shame. That’s why I love The Pride of Britain Awards; it’s a time to show that there are wonderful people in the world that put others before themselves and really want to make a difference.

Watching the show restores people’s faith in humanity. It gives us a reason to smile (and shed a few happy tears). The Pride of Britain Awards also makes you realise that you’re lucky to have the life that you have. It makes me proud to be British, which is something that I don’t always feel. I spend a lot of my time thinking about what I could have and what I want to have but when I see what other challenges these people have faced, none of my insignificant problems matter. I feel grateful. I feel impacted by their stories.

The stories that really pull at my heart strings are those about young children. The amazing thing about children is how resilient they are, they fight illness, disabilities and other challenges with a smile on their face and courage in their hearts. It’s amazing to watch. The Pride of Britain Awards gives others hope and it highlights the amazing bravery of ordinary people.

Each and every person that was presented an award has made the world a better place in one way or another. One of my favourite stories was that of teenager Stephen Sutton. I’m sure you must have seen his smiling face on your Facebook newsfeed at some point this year and sadly he passed away from cancer a few months ago. However, he has left behind a legacy and after all of his fundraising and determination he has raised almost 5 million pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and the amount is still rising.

Another story that I couldn’t help but be affected by was the teacher who donated his kidney to one of his students. It’s an unbelievable selfless act and if more people did good deeds like that, a lot of suffering and pain would be spared. Another amazing story was about a man who lost his son to meningitis many years ago and fought to make a difference. He introduced the meningitis jab and because of him, thousands of people have been protected from an awful disease ever since.

I have an unlimited amount of admiration for these people and many more that are doing great things in the world and using their time to help others. The inspiring stories have humbled me and made me realise that the word is not a bad place after all. There are plenty of bad people in the world but we have to remember that for every tragedy there is a blessing.


  • It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside too hearing about all these courageous people. I must say I don’t watch the news because it does fill be with sadness so that’s why these awards are good because we are reminded that there is still goodness in this world :) x

  • Becky Hayes Becky Hayes says:

    Great article, really highlighting why shows like this are so important. They’re a breath of fresh air through all the daily negatives! Showing us that there are amazing people out there who achieve amazing things :) xx

  • I’m glad you both enjoyed my article. I agree Rebecca it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. They are really important Becky, it’s something I watch every year because I know it will leave me feeling humble and happy :) xx

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