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The Power Of A Power Nap

If I were one of the seven dwarves, I would most definitely be Sleepy! I love a good sleep! For most people, napping stopped as soon as you said goodbye to your nursery days, but I carried on my napping habits! I was known to have a quick 5 minute lie down between classes at Uni!

Working abroad, mostly in Europe, I can now use the excuse “I’m getting into their culture and having a little siesta” (it also helps that I work during the evenings) but I definitely think Britain should take a definitely adopt the ‘siesta’ attitude, after all it’s not call a power nap for nothing!

Here’s some tips and tricks to the perfect nap!

Having a short day time nap can recharge your energies and make you perform better in the task at hand.

Swap Your Caffeine Fix
Experts say have a catnap instead of targeting your drowsiness with a cup of coffee, as caffeine can decrease memory performance, or wire you up to the point that you make mistakes.

Work unusual hours?
Having a daily catnap can really help people who don’t work the usual 9 tip 5 job as your sleep pattern is a bit up in the air. This is especially beneficial for night shift workers, because no matter how much sleep you’ve had, you still feel that you shouldn’t be awake when its dark outside.

Have A Nap, NOT A Sleep
It’s so easy to ‘rest your eyes’ and end up waking up 2 hours later! A nap should last no longer than 30 minutes for you to reap the benefits.

Get cosy
Find a comfy chair, grab a blanket and go for gold! Ready, Set, Sleep!

And Finally:
Napping isn’t lazy, it’s a luxury; a part in the day that is dedicated to yourself! If you’re lucky enough to squeeze in a nap, give it a go and see if it can benefit you!


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