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No Poo week #3

I’ve somehow managed through to week 3 of my No Poo experiment, and if week 2 showed some promises, I’m now doubting the whole method and wondering if it’s really worth it. My shampoo free life is like a roller coaster. I’m going through days of confident highs to days where I hit the bottom and am afraid to leave the house. Six weeks are starting to feel like forever and it’s getting harder and harder not to reach for that scented bottle of chemicals.

After I wrote my week 2 review, things have headed downhill. One day looking shinny and gorgeous, the next like someone dropped my head in a bucket of oil. So far I’ve tried everything that supposedly makes this transformation as painless as possible, but not much really helps when your scalp is going out of control. My brushing routine is now 10-times more often than usual, I’m trying not to slide my fingers through the hair every 5 seconds and I wash it just as frequently as before the shampoo ban. Instead, I use baking soda to degrease and apple cider vinegar to soften it up. Unfortunately the effect from this natural hair washing method only seems to have effect for like 5 minutes and then it goes back to its greasy self.

Friends have been asking me how I can bear this and in what condition my hair is. The truth is, it doesn’t look as bad as it feels. It looks way less greasy than it actually is. It’s when you slide your fingers through the hair that you realise something’s not right. Otherwise I can get away with it pretty easily. Most of the time. Last Friday we had a small photo shoot at the office and I confidently wore my hair down. Possibly too confident, as I’m a bit scared to see that photo hanging in the office for all 100 co-workers to look at. If it looks okay, then I can always brag about it, but if it came out looking like I’m homeless then we have a problem. I guess I can always change office, right?

If Friday was my most confident hair day so far in the No Poo experiment, then the worst hair day followed just the day after. I woke up to a total hair failure. Perfect, the only day that I go out and my hair doesn’t want to play along with my nonchalant attitude. I brush in every direction, I try to mess them up hoping somehow they would look more intentional and less like I’m a cave woman. Nothing helped of course and I was seriously considering giving up. The fact that one of my friends tagging along is a hairdresser, did not give me more confidence. She’s known to be very opinionated so I almost chickened out.  Will she comment on my hair? Should I ask for advice? Or just pretend everything is a-ok. I decided to seek refuge in my go-to bad hair day hairstyle.

I can’t even imagine how girls with short hair survive through this. A sleek ponytail is my only salvation during this experiment. Even when I cut my hair short(er) I always make sure I can still wear it in a ponytail. It’s comforting to know no matter how bad it gets, I can still pretend to be a prima ballerina. And that’s exactly what I went for this Saturday. Luckily none of my friends noticed I’m trying to disguise my greasy hair as a shiny and sleek hairdo. Once again I was a human being. No need to mention my efforts and pursuit of a naturally gorgeous hair, for the first time in 3 weeks I actually forgot about my hair situation and just had fun.

The day after my hair situation didn’t just magically turn for the better, there was no elves brushing my hair during my beauty sleep. Passing through the bathroom mirror I bet I saw a scarecrow. It was a clear sing it’s time for another wash. Although I just went through what will be known in history as the worst hair day ever and came out intact, I still couldn’t help but dream about freshly shampooed hair. I imagined it in slow motion, slowly flipping my washed hair and smelling it with deep deep breaths. No! I can do this! So once again I did the baking soda and apple vinegar regimen. At the end of the third week, my hair feels dry on touch and looks a bit greasy. The situation has switched a bit. Midway through the No Poo experiment I feel a bit gross and just can’t wait for this whole thing to be over. I just hope there really are rainbows and unicorns at the end of this abstinence, I don’t even want to think about what may happen if after 6 weeks of hairstyle hell there won’t be any reason for joy. The headlines will say: “hairstyle causes suicide”.


  • Katja, well…I gave it a try and am embarrassed to say that I lasted only 3 days. My short hair looked as if I had poured a bottle of cooking oil on it and I guess my vanity got the better of me.
    I often use ‘WEN,’ a no soap product, but I think it is only available in the states.
    Love your final line, lol!!

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