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Personal bill of rights

How often do we hear that younger generation is all about their rights and has forgotten their duties and that is the problem with the world today? I would like to contradict, because people cannot be labelled like that. Some people tend to forget about their duties, yet some of us need a constant reminder of our rights. There are so many women who keep forgetting they have a right to live their life the way they want – the ones who are still learning to love and respect themselves.

The beauty of life lies in its unexpected lessons, which come like a lightning bolt out of the clear sky and leave you breathlessly inspired. You can get these pearls of wisdom from your friends or family, from films, books, articles, preachers, teachers, posters, random overheard conversations, elders, children,  or… even your pets. Yes, that is right. I would like to share the lessons I was taught, even though indirectly, by our cat. She has lived in our family for more than 11 years and I have learned a lot from this beautiful independent feline.

So, here it is. A personal bill of rights according to my cat (aka the lessons for women who are learning self-love):

Accept love from those who care about you. Never forget that you are loved, allow yourself to live in this state of mind. There is always someone who loves you: family, friends, God, the Universe. Just move through every day knowing that you are loved. It changes and charges the framework that your mind works in. It makes you feel confident.

Show love to the ones who are worth of your love. Take care of those that you love: be there for them when they are sad, tired, distressed or lost. You do not need to do anything special. They will appreciate your presence.

Feel comfortable in your own skin. Never pay attention to haters and detractors. Yes, you are beautiful and one of a kind and you have a right to enjoy it. Nobody needs to listen to people who say that they are not enough. Just ignore their rude and envious comments, they do not affect you.

Do not waste your time on those who do not like you. Do not indulge them, do not try to make them like you. All that you will get is just that – a wasted time.

Always clearly state what you want or need. Never think that you do not deserve something or are not worth it. If you feel that you want or need it – let it be known.

If you want a time for yourself – do not hesitate. Never feel like you have to ask or beg or demand for it. If you want to be alone – it is your right to do so.

If you feel lonely – ask for attention; do not wait for somebody to come to you. Go to your loved ones. If they are not easily distracted – purr your way into their heart.

Sleep. As much as you want. As much as you need. Enjoy your sleep. Choose a place where you feel safe and cozy, create a soft fluffy environment surrounded by the smells that help you relax and fall into a blissful sleep.

Never jump from your bed when you wake up. You have to stretch your body. Move gently into the new day and smile to yourself.

Do not forget to move. Jump, crawl, run, play, feel free in your movements and in your stillness. Do not push yourself too hard. Do it because you like it.

Be curious. There are so many interesting things in life that can easily go unnoticed if you are not curious. Always allow your mind to contemplate the possibility that things are not what they seem to be. Look for hidden treasures.

Take some time to look at the world. Even if you are in the box and your space is limited by four walls, you can always find a magical thing called “window”. Just look out, the world is so beautiful and interesting.

Be brave. Investigate, explore, go to unknown places. Climb high, squash into narrow passages, dig deep, try new things. Just because you have not tried to do them before and it is fun.

Be persistent. If the door is closed it does not mean you have to accept it as an obstacle. You can always try to open it. And then try again. And then try again. And then after trying all night long you can try again in the morning.

Always take good care of yourself. Eat when you are hungry. Sleep when you are tired. Take good care of your body and do it with pleasure. It is not a burden, you can enjoy the process.

Do not linger on bad things. If someone stepped on your tail – let them know it would not be tolerated and then forget it.

Never hurry when you do not feel like it. Take your time. If you have not decided whether you want to go through the door that has been opened for you – take your time to make that decision. Listen to your intuition and do not let anyone push you.

Never forget that you are a queen and have to be treated accordingly.

I think my cat would not mind me sharing her lessons, to be honest, I think she would not care about it at all. She is busy living her life. One more lesson that I am learning.


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