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An Old Typewriter & Me

I’ve just bought my very first typewriter. I’ve wanted one for years and never thought I would actually buy one but after my dad phoned me to tell me he had spotted one in a charity shop, I had to get it. It cost me £5!! It’s definitely a bargain because they are selling the same model online for £80. It’s a great little typewriter! It’s a 1977 Olympia SM9 and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

There is something inspiring about typewriters, knowing that famous writers of the past used  typewriters to create some of the world’s best novels is why I wanted one in the first place. The melodic sound of the keys, the way the words strike the blank page and the way the typewriter demands your attention as you write – I just love it!

The great thing about typewriters is that all you can do is write. No distractions. When I write on my laptop, I find myself looking at my Facebook news feed or watching an episode of my favourite TV show. Typewriters have one purpose only and that is another reason why I wanted one. I know that buying a typewriter is taking a backward step but I think that technology might be advancing as time passes but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is improving.

There are so many great things about typewriters but there are a few downsides including the inability to delete words but it isn’t a big problem really. I just type the same word again in red ink so I know that I will have to address that mistake when I do a second draft of the page. There are other ways but I think this is the best way for me.

There is no tablet or laptop that can compete with the authenticity of a typewriter. I have always dreamed of owning a typewriter and now I have one I can’t wait to use it! I’ve had a little play around with it just to check that all the keys are working and I typed a small paragraph earlier. I thought it would take me longer to get used to it but it felt like I was coming home, the clickety clack sounds of a typewriter inspires me. If it was good enough for the writers of the past then it is good enough for me.

I am writing a novel for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) this November and although I am in love with my new typewriter, I think it would be better if I typed it on my laptop because of the speed in which I can type. It will probably take me a long time to get to that speed on a typewriter. Typing a 50,000 word novel on my new typewriter is a little bit too ambitious, even for me.

If you love to write then you should really get a typewriter. You don’t have to abandon your laptop or Microsoft Word completely, it’s just nice to get away sometimes and escape and having a typewriter will do that for you. Well, I hope that it’s going to do that for me. I’m like a child on Christmas morning. I haven’t felt this giddy in ages! It’s definitely put a smile on my face. I am already starting to get attached to it and I’ve had it less than twenty four hours. I’m going to stop typing this article on my laptop now, so I can admire my new typewriter.

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  • Amy Tocknell says:

    Fab!! I have one that was originally used in a 1950s office typing pool and I love it! I have to admit though, as I type, I do sing the Murder She Wrote theme tune to myself, so I am a master at providing distraction!xx

  • Oooh that sounds cool! Haha! I feel like I’m in living in a different era when I’m typing on it… I’m in my own little writer world :) xxx

  • Oh I love a good typewriter! I used to play with my grandmothers all the time, I felt so grown up! I agree with you on the distractions we face when writing, at least with a type writer all you have to worry about is spelling correctly! 😛 xxx

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