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A new Make Up Revolution

I was first introduced to an amazing new cosmetics company by my wonderful friend and lifestyle blogger LittleMissKaty (http://www.littlemisskaty.co.uk/). I had been looking for an eye shadow palette for quite some time and could never quite find what I was after and now, finally, hello Revolution!!

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Make Up Revolution was ‘launched in London in March 2014 delivering revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices. Made with the finest ingredients, the range starts at an amazing £1, with a range of professional and must have products with limited edition collections’. I am always a bit dubious about buying cheap make up but I have to say I am super impressed with these guys! there are a lot of ‘bargain’ brands out there, inkling the always popular Collection 2000, but the quality never quite seems good enough tome, until now that is.

The ‘Ultimate Eye shadow Collection’ boasts 144 shades of wonderful colours, some for every day use and others for parties and nights out. Something for all occasions! Aside from the huge range, it is great to finally have a better way of organising all my cosmetics. One palette does the work of hundreds of fiddly little compacts.

I’m always trying to find eye shadows that are going to last all day, especially while I’m at work as I’m not a fan of re-applying make up, I would rather it just stayed put, so these are truly wonderful. The pigments are rich in colour and easy to apply with some shadows being shinier than others. They are perfect to wear on their own or to blend with each other.

At only £10 from Superdrug (as part of their half price on Christmas gifts) it truly is worth getting and not just for a Christmas gift, treat yourself!

I will definitely be getting more from these guys in the future so keep your eyes peeled for more reviews!


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