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Never moving again…

… or at least that’s what we said about the last house move. Three years on and we are tired of the house, which is too big and still needs work doing. So time for a change and no more D.I.Y. thank you very much.

The initial excitement of looking at properties on the Internet and even more exciting, actually going to nose around other people’s houses leads to the decision to actually put the house on the market and move house again. Tidying and cleaning begins in earnest as the house is proofed for viewings and the children don’t know what has hit them as we walk around after them tidying their trail of disaster hour-by-hour. The house has never looked so good and we become mini-estate agents, showing potential buyers around.

Then we find a house we really like (with no D.I.Y.) and during the same week receive an offer on our house meaning we can put an offer in on “our” new house. Feeling fantastic, optimistic and visualising our perfect future.

The next few weeks involve de-cluttering, rediscovering belongings we had completely forgotten we owned, even down to a black bin bag, taped up and labelled “Clothes Bedroom 1”.  Yes a whole bag of clothes not seen for three years. A skip is ordered and three years of clutter goes into it. The obsessive tidying and cleaning goes out of the window as the floor space becomes filled with cardboard boxes, organised piles of belongings sorted into sections ready to pack and then the frantic re-opening of boxes to retrieve something we realise we actually need at this moment.

Three months since the offers were made and we are still waiting for solicitors, searches, certificates and eagerly awaiting a completion date. The phrase “when we move” has become a daily part of conversation and a state of limbo now feels like the norm. The ongoing tension and concern that someone could pull out of the chain and throw the whole plan is always hovering tentatively in the background.

So, when we have finally moved and unpacked and got settled in, we are definitely never moving again!


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