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Natural Beauty

Beauty, to me, is an ugly word. This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t have it. I never have. I don’t wear make-up, partly because I think it’s gross, and partly because I reckon that you can’t polish a turd. And if someone tries to take a picture of me, they’re in for it.

My friends find my talking like this strange. Because, unlike me, they understand the social etiquette of lying to make people feel better, they correct me. There’s this thing called ‘Natural Beauty’ that they occasionally refer to. At this point, I usually end the discussion and go and eat a zit-causing chocolate cake. But recently, I’ve started to think about what beauty really is. There was a phase where the female half of the human population posted ‘No make-up selfies’ to raise awareness for cancer research. As I scrolled down the news feed of stalker.com, I saw dozens of pretty girls, who all looked human for the first time in forever. They looked real- a strange sight in the modern world.

The weather has been stunning of late. A few lone clouds have lazily slipped across the blue sky. The sun has made everything glow. Plants are flourishing. Driving through the hills is like existing in a fairy tale. It is noticing the beautiful things in the world that have led me to realise something. Our world is beautiful for one reason: it doesn’t have to try. We can build spectacular buildings of both the beautiful and ugly kind. We can create reservoirs and plant trees, or we can paint and craft our surroundings into the most magical settings. But nature? Nature does that all by itself.

If you climb to the top of a mountain peak, away from any human life, and just look out at the world, I’m sure that no matter the weather, that world will be a beautiful place. It’s peaceful and carefree. It works as it is meant to, without a need for extravagance or improvement. And people can be like that too. They should laugh and smile, and embrace every part of who they are because that is who they’re meant to be. They don’t need make-up, or botox (they REALLY don’t need botox) or fancy clothes and artificial smiles. They just need to be.

So whilst I am a rather unsightly being, my appearance doesn’t bother me. Because whether I’m asleep or awake, happy or sad, stood next to the Queen or stood next to a homeless person, I don’t have to change to meet these situations. And some people will dislike that: that’s fine. I don’t care.

Natural beauty exists in the art of just being.


  • Terri Brown Terri Brown says:

    Hi Emma

    I like this article, in part. I agree far too many women (and some men) wear far to much make up, many come out in hives at the sheer thought of leaving the house without it. However your explanation of yourself concerns me. the most beautiful people are those happiest in their skin and full of confidence, be proud of who you are – I highly doubt that you are an “unsightly being”.

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