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Sometimes, making the move can be difficult. We don’t know whether it will work out, if we’ll find another job that’s better than the current one or if you’ll really like it there.

I am currently stuck in a rut. I over stress and think too much, but I guess that’s just normal. For four years now, I have lived by myself with thousands of miles between my family and I. I have loved every minute of it, I love being independent¬†and making my own choices but I have been lucky with having the support of my loved ones with money and my education fees.

I wouldn’t go back to living with my family, because I want to get up there and work hard to be very content with myself, some people can do that while living at home, but for me, to make that move showed me that I could do that. Having just graduated, I was lucky enough to be given a job that wasn’t far from where I was staying and it meant that I had money coming in every month to support my rent, food and other splurges. Saving up can be quite difficult, especially when you live alone and the pay isn’t amazing but it can happen. I was also very lucky to get this job and I have the best colleagues and bosses; no back stabbing and gossip about each other, its like a little family where we work together but we also get on well outside of work and talk quite a lot, without having to feel awkward that it’s your boss or colleague. It’s not easy to come by such good colleagues, I’ve been told, many times, by people I know and some people on my course, that their colleagues were horrible, or they had nasty bosses and bad hours but sometimes you’ve just got to fight on.

After having gone off on a tangent, the main focus on this topic is, the moment you feel like you need to move or take a different path, you should definitely do it. If not now then it will never come, now is the best time. It can be hard, especially money-wise, but if you really wanted to move, you could. Find a job before you go though, that would be the smart option. Or if you have money saved up to last you a few months and you’re ready to go crazy with job searching as soon as you get there, then do it.

I know you hear this a lot, but life really is short, I’ve noticed that and haven’t regretted anything that I have been through or experienced in my recent years. I am happy that I made the move and proud of what I have achieved and done. I am currently looking for jobs elsewhere, in another country so I am hoping to move soon.

The thing that will tell you if you should move or not, is your gut feeling. So many people mention it daily but no one ever really listens and trusts their own gut feeling. So make the move. Time’s too short and you will find out yourself if it was a good decision. Life is all about making¬†mistakes and trying to better yourself. Without making mistakes and taking risks, how will you test yourself and experience life first hand?

GO out there and find your passion and flourish with whatever decision you make!


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