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From the Mouths of Men: The Perfect Woman

This weeks ‘From the Mouths of Men’, is tackling the touchy subject of body image in women in response to the article The Perfect Women for Pop.

One sentence synopsis of original article: a light-hearted look at the perfect female form as told through quotations from lyrics to songs old and new.

Best Bit: I like a chick wit big breasts on her chest, Not flat looking like someone stepped on her chest… …Lucky that my breasts are small and humble.”

The feedback: Some nods of agreement to the irony of this piece, “Women and their body images= neurosis x 10!!”

From the mouths of men.

As a lady, light of chest and referred to as twiglet by her peers, hubby’s only possible response to this article was, “I like skinny birds without curves…”however I urged him to be honest in order to provide you with a fair account of male perceptions. So here goes it!

He started with a point that (and this doesn’t happen often) had me nodding in agreement at the truth behind it. “On some level the female perception of the ideal, must come from men. If all men wanted a ‘fat’ woman then all women would be striving to gain weight and that would be the ideal body shape. However the media certainly has a huge influence on the supposed  norms.”

And there you have it…what we perceive as a man’s ideal of a perfect body shape dictates our goal. Nothing groundbreaking there but honest, especially as he went on to say;

“The thing is the media exaggerates this and spins a man’s ideal to unobtainable goals. No man wants a stick for a girlfriend.”

It seems then that men aren’t looking for a world of Kate Moss-a-likes. As this chap told me, “To be honest I’m not bothered about a woman’s body shape at all up to a point which I guess is about a size 18. After that women can still be very sexy if everything is proportionate, but then I’m a boob man!”

And this lad also craves curves, “Katy Perry is my perfect woman. Busty and confident!”

It seems that men are a lot less hung up on size than we might think as this lovely lad said, “I  think confidence is much more important than body shape and woman who carry themselves confidently are much sexier no matter what size they are!”

Another chap went a bit scientific on me saying; “Does anyone have an ideal body shape? There’s too many variables” I guess the effort of selecting the perfect woman is too difficult when you take account of all the different dimensions, especially given how most me don’t even understand how bra sizes work!

Some men are more difficult to please however and I’m sure this will win no popularity contests but at least he’s honest, and I have to credit him, he did say this within full earshot of his other half! “Nah, I don’t like fatties. The ideal figure would be slim but curvy. Not massive boobs, about a 36 C, good looking”…. the list went on.

Discounting this last comment however, the majority of men didn’t really seem to have an ideal. It seems that despite our worries most men don’t place as high emphasis on looks as we might think. Although having said that, as always I finish with some real corkers. No diplomacy here just honest and at times graphic descriptions…

“Good shapely legs, with special attention to the ankles…I hate in when girls have no ankles, just feet and legs”

“My ideal woman looks out of Page 3 every morning!”

“Big tits, Tight @~%£ and good buttocks”

Finally, to the quote to end all quotes, a lad who generously doesn’t put looks first…

“No point having good features if they don’t put out”


  • Denise Mann says:

    Loving the from mouths of men articles more please.

  • I’m quite surprised at your findings, Hayley. (Do you suppose that some of these guys were stating the ‘politically correct’ response?) In any case, my fat self does NOT find any shoes left under my bed…and hey, I’m a GREAT gal!!

  • Thanks for you comments ladies! I think a lot of the men asked at the start of the article are either coupled up or they are boob men chasing larger figures! The more honest or crude comments were all at the end…and several I couldn’t publish as too rude!

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