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Money and miracles

I have felt inspired to post a blog this evening, in the spirit of International Women’s Day 2015. I am writing here in Scotland and feeling very hopeful and positive about the future of our planet. Right now, the Scottish Government has a 50/50 ratio of females/males in cabinet. I think this is a great leap forward and very positive indeed for Scotland, as well as the rest of the world.

I have just finished listening to an interview, which focused on women making money in the world and creating wealth and success for themselves. Barbara Stanny was the woman being interviewed, she is an expert in helping women create wealth as well as becoming more money conscious.

I don’t know about you, but money and I have had a rocky relationship since the word go. Even the thought of speaking about it had the potential to make me run to a dark corner and cower in terror. But I have decided, NO MORE! So I am breaking the silence and sharing some truths I have learned recently, about why we are so terrified of money; making it, keeping it and specifically how this affects me as a woman.

Barbara identified something really ground-breaking for me about why we are so afraid of making money and being successful in business as women. It is because we are afraid of stepping into our – POWER. Yes! In our world currently, whether we are happy about this fact or not, wealth and money hold a lot of credence and sway in all areas of life. And historically, up until recently, men were the only ones given the opportunity to make money and to hold power in the world. Women became dependent on their husbands for their basic needs and were pretty clueless about how to earn money or to even that it was possible to do so.

Now, we are living in an age where women, in many western countries, hold pretty much equal rights to men in society. Although in certain industries women still earn less than their male counterparts, the female entrepreneurial revolution is in full swing! More women are graduating from college and university in the UK and America, on average, than men and female business owners are on the up and up every single day.

This is great news and I am so excited for the new frontiers that are being paved by women in business. Just a quick disclaimer here; I believe in equal male and female power and I believe that unity consciousness, a balance of the masculine AND feminine is the best way forward for our world.

Today, I’m standing for the girls because it’s time we rose to the challenge and lived up to our full potential!

 Historically, in the times of the crusades and witch hunts, hundreds of thousands of women were killed for expressing their power and as much as you could brush that off as yesterday’s news, that trauma still lies in our cells, in our very DNA. In many parts of the world, women are still suffering terribly for their attempts to be heard and counted as equal citizens in their community, so it’s really not any wonder that we are so terrified to “step into our greatness” as women, as Barbara describes it.

I am a female entrepreneur and just starting out. I have big dreams, goals and visions and I know that they will come true, but in order to make a start I really want to get this ‘money thing’ sorted. As women living in the west, with access to education, wealth and truly unlimited support in all areas, we really are at a huge advantage and it’s time to clear those fears so that we can rock it and bring our best selves to the plate.

What do you want to say? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? 

Ask yourself these important questions and let your SOUL answer.

Although I have my moments of doubt, I do believe and know that we live in a friendly universe and that this universe is spurring us on all the way. We also have angels and guides to support us along the way. You are your greatest source of wisdom! Tap into that inner knowledge and hush the busyness, responsibilities and the perceived obligations to meeting the needs of others for just 2 minutes!

What do YOU WANT?

Stand up for your life, ask the angels to heal those fears and know that as you step up and shine, others will be inspired and called to shine and follow their bliss also.

You will NOT become less attractive to men if you earn more money. The right men will find you irresistible. Your family will NOT desert you if you follow your dreams and go against the grain or “normality” and if they do, send them love and light and find your tribe. And you DO deserve success and have all of the skills to achieve it. Believe!

Support one another, ask for help, seek advice where needed but most importantly connect with your heart every day and trust what you hear.

Now is the time for you to uncover your greatness! And to become financially abundant and free!


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