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Mixing it up with Goldierocks

Goldierocks, AKA Sam Hall, is an international DJ and broadcaster extraordinaire. She has performed the world over, DJing at some of the biggest festivals, not to mention performing exclusively for the rich and famous including Madonna and Giorgio Armani. It’s Sam’s party lifestyle that recently led her to become the brand ambassador for Funkin Cocktails, a range of 100% natural fruit cocktail mixers. Despite her hectic work schedule, Sam managed to find the time to answer our questions and we are so glad she did. Here’s what she had to say…

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. You are now a world renowned DJ, was that always the dream?  

Not at all. I just fell in love with how live music and performance made me feel and knew I had to exist in that world and to be creative. I started life as a music journalist and it’s evolved into club promoter, DJ, TV presenter, radio broadcaster and now, world culture specialist. I think the nature of dreams is that they are always evolving and growing from bucket list style desires (like going to Rio Carnival which I did last year!) to the big long term life goals, like having a happy, healthy home and family.

Where did you get your love of music from? 

I think it’s just in my bones! Since I was little, not much has made me happier than listening to a song, that’s really gotten under my skin, over and over again on a pair of headphones. When I was little, there was a Motown compilation cassette, belonging to my mum, that I’d listen to on my Walkman in the grass, staring up at the sky. I loved the bold sound of the brass and just how full the music sounded. As a teenager it was emo rock blasting out of my CD player, with the urgency of the guitar riffs that I found totally mesmerising… and then as a student at uni, the thick heavy bass-line of a club beat and the way it makes your backbone tingle. There’s nothing like it!

Who are your musical inspirations? 

It’s ever changing. I think the joy of music is that it can suit every mood, any time of day, any age or energy. But in a ‘This is your life’ type musical scenario, some of my greats would be Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Cinematic Orchestra and Groove Armada.

How did you go from DJing in small clubs to around the world at some of the largest festivals? 

Hard work, vision, perseverance and luck. It’s been such a long road. I’ve been grafting for a long time, working my way up club and festival billings. With my globally syndicated radio show, The Selector, it opens up a whole new world of touring outside your typical Ibiza’s and Berlin’s to playing in places like Mexico, Egypt, Malawi and Kazakhstan. It’s exciting.

What qualities do you think make the best DJ’s?

Truly reading a crowd, knowing what they need before even they do and of course, a real passion for the music.

If you could give one piece of advice to young hopeful DJs of the future, what would it be?

Find your unique selling point, be genuine and authentic… and nice to people.

You have had some incredible opportunities, such as performing exclusively for Madonna, hosting a radio show that goes out to 43 countries and performing at the Paralympic games. It must be hard to pick, but what would you say has been the highlight of your career? 

DJing the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games was pretty phenomenal. Just the sheer scale of the thing – 85,000 people, including the Queen! Being broadcast to millions, on TV, across the world and representing my country at such a historical occasion… I felt very proud.

If you could perform exclusively for anyone who would it be? 

Well I’ve got the biggest secret girl crush on Katy Perry. I just think if we met we’d be proper mates so maybe a private party for her. I bet she’s a right naughty one…

You are the ambassador for Funkin Cocktails Party Hub, what made you want to promote these cocktails? They are all gorgeous, but do you have a favourite? 

I love Funkin. I’m all about getting ready as a gang and having a few cocktails at home before you go out. My friends and I love to dress up and we look like we’re going to a festival in the middle of winter! It’s all about glitter and head-dresses. I’m a bit of a cocktail snob though so they’ve got to be spot on and that’s why Funkin are perfect for me. They’re super quick, easy and taste and look totally professional… leaving me more time to put on my lashes! My favourite’s are the espresso martini, the mojito and the margarita. The martinis make me feel sophisticated! And I love zesty, limey cocktails… they remind me of partying in Latin America.

As a party girl living the ultimate party dream, you must have some embarrassing stories, any you care to share with our readers? 

Oh no! Don’t we all?! I don’t kiss and tell…

Working hard and playing hard can take its toll on your skin, what is your must have beauty product? 

It does indeed… I swear by ALWAYS taking my make up off, even at a festival, using Crème de La Mer facial wash, going make up free whenever I can and using weekly Dead Sea face packs at home.

What can we expect to see from you over the next 12 months?

Festival season is looming so you’ll be seeing me DJing in a field covered in glitter very soon! As well as on your airwaves on Capital and Capital Xtra, on your telly boxes. Keep up to date via Twitter for all my live dates @Goldierocks

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, all the best for festival season!

You’re welcome! xx

(photo credit to Tina Hillier)

To find out more about Funkin cocktails, visit the website here!


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