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Do men need romance too?

For as far back as we may care to remember our sole topic of conversation has always been the big ‘R’ …Romance, or rather the lack of it, but have we ourselves ever discussed the possibility that men actually have the same conversations or needs ?

Whilst sat in Nespresso last night waiting for my boyfriend to shop (laugh if you like) I became privy to a most unusual conversation, two very stereotypically looking men were mid conversation about his relationship, and the most shocking thing, “where it was going!” I know it may have been wrong to listen, but I am a woman, I live for intrigue! and my my, what a surprise it was! I felt like everything I knew about men had just been thrown out the window, this man was genuinely upset about his girlfriends lack of attentiveness and love towards him, and most shocking of all “all she ever wants to do is have sex”. As a sex it may be said that we have always assumed that our men only ever wanted us in bed (or sometimes in the shower) ¬†so I think it is about time we looked into this theory in more detail. I urge you to talk to your loved one, or even male friends! and find out if this man was the exception, or have the sexes swapped over completely!

I am pretty sure I am most definitely guilty of this when I think about it, I love my boyfriend with all my heart, but I just didn’t think it needed to be declared as much. I probably moan to him at least once a week for him to buy me flowers ect, when really I don’t do any of that either! Ok we can’t really buy flowers, but a nice bottle of southern comfort here and there. After this shocking experience I began to think about some of my favourite female writers, and how they may have expressed love to a man in a way we clearly don’t do anymore, and I came across an old classic, that I have included in this article. ¬†Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘How Do I Love Thee’, this poem has never failed to bring a tear to my eye, it portrays love in its true form. It is an odd notion to think that 200 hundred years ago women knew men needed love and romance just as much as we do, it is of course incredible how our sex has evolved over the years, but we must now ask ourselves, “have we changed too much?”

To find my own answers to this question I decided to be as loving as possible to my boyfriend, and he perked up straight away! and also reciprocated. He just looked so happy and even surprised, needless to say I felt like the worse girlfriend in the world! This morning I made him his breakfast instead of him making mine, and he left the house for work so happy! I am not saying by any means that women should once again become the angel in the house, but in order to receive love and romance ourselves, surely we should give it back?



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