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Would your man strip for you?

Bored of the missionary position 156 times a year? Try asking yourself if your man really pleases you in bed, or if you simply go along for the ride, waiting for it all to end. Familiarity breeds contempt could be an answer to a lack of enjoyment, but what can you do to combat this? Some emotionally insecure people may think that making a partner jealous is the answer, resulting in a revival of passion, but this is wrong on every level.

Steve and Sarah had been married 10 years, with two toddlers and Sarah wanted to be made to feel special, but every year on birthdays and at Christmas, she was presented with a bunch of flowers and a quickly scribbled note saying how much he loved her. On Valentines day, they would go for dinner at a pub, with no thought, It was just the same old dreary thing.

She decided to take the situation into her own hands and up the ante by handcuffing him to the bed and smearing jelly on his face. He began laughing and they haven’t looked back since. Why? She reminded him that sex is supposed to be fun and getting into the spirit of things, she was pleased when later he gave her a quiet striptease. They pleased each other and that is what good sex is all about, not a serious sweaty mess. Caring enough about what the other person is comfortable with shows an adult relationship, as does acknowledging a problem and dealing with it in a sensitive way.

If you aren’t comfortable with watching a dirty film, say so or go out and leave him to it. But fellas, why not try something erotic but classy, like Secretary? Simply pigging with your favourite food and playing with the cream can be fun too. Come on girls, use your ingenuity!


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