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Making the Change: Step 3 – Getting back Up

It’s OK to fall down, as long as we get back up on our feet and, continue. So many inspirational messages you see on the internet make declarations of Keep Going’ and ‘Don’t Quit’ in so many ways, that you start to think of them as just words and nothing more.

As I trundled down my weight-loss journey I kept seeing these messages of supposed inspiration and motivation and failed to feel their influential impact.

It wasn’t until I started to waver, started to stray of the straight and narrow path to health and fitness that these messages began to have some meaning.

About six months in and over 18lbs down in my struggle to loose weight I started to plateau. My weight began to hold at the same figure and no matter what I seemed to do with regards to exercise or healthy eating nothing was shifting.

The upside is that I wasn’t gaining weight but, not loosing weight was just as much as a downer as putting on weight was. I didn’t think it possible to be upset and frustrated at being lighter than I had been in years but it was the frustration that my hard work and dedication had run me into a wall I did not seem to be able to climb, knock down or go around.

I started thinking to myself that maybe my body was set, that it had lost all the weight it could loose and, that I would have to get used to being the size and weight I was at.

My training started to slide and even though I didn’t go back to my binge eating I wasn’t as strict as I had been.

My motivation really started to waver and as I looked to online fitness blogs and personal trainers for motivation, for a boost I started seeing the same message over and over. ‘Keep going, don’t quit’.

Written in a hundred different ways they started forcing me to remember just how far I had come in the short few months that I had been on this path to a healthier way of life.

Getting back on track was slow and, it was hard and, changes had to be made but I did manage to do it and the numbers started to drop again.

Now, over a year on I’m in a particular rut but I remember that feeling of conquering my plateau and my rising insecurities.

Falling down OK  as long as you get up again and, you’ve not failed until you quit are all words and phrases you should remember at your lowest point no matter what has brought you there.



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