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Loving from Afar – Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Now this article is speaking from a personal view because I know how hard a ‘LDR’ can be. Some days are good, and others bad, and precious moments you want to share with your loved one has to be exchanged through texts, calls, and Skype. Anyone who has experienced this kind of relationship will tell you it’s not easy, but when was love ever going to be? As Shakespeare put it ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’.

Whenever I tell someone I’m in a long distance relationship, at first I get a look of pity and 9 times out of 10 they will repeat the phrase ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. The most annoying part of their sympathy is the secret time bomb they are imagining for my relationship which comes with a sell by date; I give it 6 months, maximum. However monotonous this inspirational quote becomes, the truth is it has its honesty. Each day without HIM makes me realise someone, even though far away is thinking of me, loving me and always excited to see me smile!

My boyfriend and I used to live together at University but like all happy endings, when Uni was up we had to move back to our hometowns which unfortunately are 100’s of miles apart. Although it’s been a struggle we both agree that the distance put between us has strengthened our relationship. Check out these few things we believe really counts;


The most important aspect of all is definitely trust. Everyone has their trust issues, and I certainly have caused a few arguments because of it! But without trust your relationship won’t healthily survive. The distance becomes hardest when your trust begins to falter; your imagination can run wild, and accusations and suspicious can ruin everything. Each couple has different levels of trust, the lack of it nearly ruined mine, and so I can’t express how important it is!!


It takes two to tango, isn’t that right? And it certainly takes two to keep a relationship like this alive. It’s a horrible feeling knowing you’re the only one trying to keep a relationship going, so both of you need to make the effort to show your love. The littlest things can make me happy, if he texts me first in the morning, or if he wants to Skype at night. The initial action coming from him shows he wants to talk to me and see me. It may not seem much, but if I was the one making all the communication arrangements I would get fed up and bored. If one of you has to try harder then perhaps it’s not worth fighting for.


Passion doesn’t come in just a physical form. Even though your partner can’t remind you of how beautiful you are with a kiss, they still should be reminded of how wonderful you wake up each day. Remember you can spice up your romance with a picture here and there of the latest dress you’ve bought, or your new hairstyle. Even the cute texts which detail the parts you love about them or sweet letters and photos you send through the post can liven up anyone’s day.

So the next time you stress about your long distance relationship, or you meet someone in one, remember how strong a heart must be to suffer through the pain of being away from the one they love. Mine is going strong and I think people had lots of doubts about it. Give us all the benefit of the doubt and wish us luck for our future. If we can make it, why can’t you?!

P.S my friend reminded me…if you feel like crying, buy some chocolate, and then cry into that.


  • I’m in a long distance relationship myself and I agree with all of the above. I think it’s worth to suck it up if you’re both working for a future together. You just need to get more creative when it comes to communication and take advantage of the time you have on your own.

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