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Live in the Moment

I keep reading that we should live in the moment and completely focus on what we are doing at any given time. This really appeals to me as I feel that I need to slow down and take it easy (as most of us probably do, what with trying to juggle work and family amongst other things)… but I have to say; it’s not half as easy as it sounds!

My mind is a constant whirl of activity and I seem to have so many things floating round at a time, it’s a wonder that I haven’t gone completely mad! I notice that when I am at work I am thinking about dinner, when I am eating my dinner I am thinking about what’s on TV later… even when I am watching my favourite programme, I often have to ask what’s going on – all because I have drifted into my dream bubble and am once again, just not in the moment AT ALL!

So when I remember, I try to put it into practice, whilst doing everyday activities. It may be that I am preparing dinner, in which case I must focus solely on this process without distraction. The problem is I never seem to get past 10 seconds before I have to pull myself back to the moment, as I realise I am mentally writing next week’s shopping list whilst also thinking what to buy my husband for Christmas!

Mindfulness, as it is called, is such a great concept… I have even read a book on it as it sounds so amazing. The idea of actually experiencing each moment as it comes can apparently be life changing and it is suggested that we do this in order to enjoy our lives rather than wishing them away, which seems to be what most people do. We are advised to think about how we feel, what we can smell, hear and to generally use all of our senses to really experience the moment as we live it. It doesn’t matter if our mind wanders; we just need to re-focus each time it does so.

This is all good and well, but if it keeps happening over and over, it does start to get a bit irritating if too much effort is required. But if you persevere, it can make a significant impact on the way you feel. It’s just a shame that I don’t have the conviction to carry it on throughout my daily routine. Instead, I just do it when I remember, which isn’t anywhere near as often as I should. But, then we are all different and what works for one doesn’t always work for another.

I find that Yoga is a good way of living in the moment, but I think that is because it requires so much concentration that my mind hasn’t the capacity to wander… probably because I am so focused on staying upright and not falling in a heap on the floor. But I do feel relaxed and refreshed after I have finished and I guess that’s the idea.

So, my conclusion is that as long as we can focus on something, it allows our minds to slow down at that moment, so we are half way there already! I just need to make that jump, so that I can live in the moment a little more often, just enough to savour those little moments that make life so precious, rather than wishing it away.


  • Thank you Rachel. My mind is also in a dozen different places at the same time!
    I find that by taking some deep breaths, doing a minute or two of a relaxation exercise and saying a quick prayer that I can re-focus.
    “Let’s save tomorrow’s troubles for tomorrow.”
    ― Patricia Briggs

  • Rachel Jones Rachel Jones says:

    Thanks for your comment Kathleen. Lovely quote x

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