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Let’s Stop Confusing The Men.

If I could be any Superhero for the day, Wonder Woman would probably be my superhero of choice. I’m all for the girl power and the equal rights movement, (thank heavens that happened!) and I love how technology such as Youtube and article/blog sites have helped women voice their opinions on the girl power and feminist matters. However, there is a point where it all becomes quite a headache, and although the main point of these feministic blogs/vlogs/statuses is to portray women in a good light, sometimes we go too far, with some items (not always intentionally) putting across a ‘WE NEED TO STOP THE MEN’ message.

The point I am trying to make is that we should stop shaming men. I am not saying men are always right, because they aren’t, but not all women are right all the time either and I think sometimes ‘girl power’ articles overlook that fact. We can argue how great women are all we want, but I feel like we are almost in danger of protesting it too much, in a way that is almost making us go back in time, looking like we feel the need to state women’s greatness in order to be taken notice of.

It is also important to point out that often we are our own worst enemy. We are sending the message that we don’t need a man to feel happy and that we can stand on our own two feet (true), but we also complain that we want a man to look out for us and and open doors for us (also true). THEN we go and contradict ourselves even further by saying we want a man to make us submissive and feel vulnerable (mostly bedroom talk, but you see the point). It is no wonder then, that men, especially young men, are receiving all types of mixed messages and as a result are unsure of how women want to be spoken to and treated.

Both genders have their positives. Some of the most influential figures in history are women, such as Emeline Pankhurst and Mother Theresa and there are also many male influential figures such as Martin Luther King jr, Einstein and Ghandi. We need to start looking at the human race as people and not as two separate genders. After all, we have mostly conquered the stigma behind LGBT, and in general, we are starting to accept and love people regardless of their gender. Men and women have their own good and bad points and we need both genders to live and continue the human race. We need to start realising that men and women can get on, (as friends and as lovers) and men and women can both do things physically and emotionally just as well as the other (apart from naturally giving birth, which stems from given anatomy)!

Pop Queen Beyonce sang about girls running the world. However I feel she was wrong – girls do not run the world, both genders do.


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