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Keep on running

In the past 3 years I have seriously struggled with my weight. At 19 I weighed 28 stone and my health had hit rock bottom, as you can imagine.

I had always been bigger than average but it never really played an important part of my life. I was never bullied at school, never felt excluded and, to my surprise, had a few long term relationships through my teenage years. But when I hit 19 I knew things needed to change after I collapsed at home with severe chest pains and was told if I didn’t lose the weight, I’d be dead by 30.

I tried every fad diet; juice fast, water fast, Atkins, vegetarian, but nothing was budging the weight. I chose to do some exercise, which involved running round the block at first, then a few streets, then the gym.

Once I I joined the gym, I found my friend who had become a personal trainer since leaving school and she offered to help me on my weight loss journey. I was extremely grateful for her, as the weight loss journey was not going down so well with the rest of my family. My mum especially hated the fact I wanted to lose weight, even though she knew the consequences of me keeping the same habits, she even started adding extra salt, sugar and fats to our family meals to slow down my success.

Unfortunately, I chose to distance myself from my mum and running was a great help in that. My friend and I used running as the key cardio excersise and stress release for me to help me through. We began signing up for small charity runs for RSPCC and British Heart foundation.

Now aged 22 I have lost 11 stone and I’m still running, in fact I’m doing a Bupa 5k in 3 weeks time and am doing the London Marathon 2016.

At the end of the day, running was my salvation. It made me stress free, more open minded and helped on my weight loss journey.

Give it a go!


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