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To trend or not to trend?

About four years ago I had this necklace that I absolutely thought was the MOST HIDEOUS thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t imagine anyone wearing it and I promptly brought it to the jewellery store (where I worked) and sold that thing for an easy $100. Everyone in the store agreed that it was so outdated and not something that was likely to ever come back in style. They were being nice, but I just thought it was ugly. Even if it was in style, it was ugly.

Picture a long gold chain with a dangling black onyx and white crystal diamond checkered pattern orb with gold chain tassels hanging off it. Basically a fancy curtain tie-back. It was large, heavy and so not my style. My mom had tie backs all over the house, in varying fabrics and colours, and all I could think of when I looked at the piece was that it belonged in a gaudy, awful 1980’s version of my mother’s house (which never occurred as my mother has impeccable taste).  It was just not for me but happily found itself a new home in someone else’s jewelry box.

Fast-forward to January 2015. Tassels everywhere! I mean, every new jewellery ad I’ve seen shows some sort of “tassely” dangling necklace and here I am, surfing the web looking at baubles online and I keep stopping at these tassels and thinking to myself, “that’s kinda cute right?” But is it? I didn’t think so five years ago so why do I now? I picked one up in a store the other day and hung it around my neck to see if maybe my tastes were simply changing with age but I have to tell you, it looked like I was wearing a tie-back around my neck. Now this is just one girl’s opinion so if you like the tassel necklace, by all means wear it proudly, but I had to stop and wonder; am I just changing my tastes or was I sucked in by advertisement and mass media trend setting?

Sure, sometimes trends are great! Some people live to be on top of all the latest colours, fabrics and styles for the New Year or season. Some people scoff at trend followers and insist they have their own personal style and never copy anyone else (but we all know there’s nothing new under the sun). And then there are those who take a trend and make it their own. A little borrowed from this or that, but there was real thought put into what they have created as well as the knowledge that their “original idea” was inspired by something else (I.e. a curtain tie back). My problem comes from a place where I can’t figure out if I actually like something because I like it or because the jewellery store tells me to.

I remember the feeling of pure disgust for this necklace and how I couldn’t imagine anyone ever wearing something like that without looking tacky and strange, but here I am a few years later contemplating buying my very own tassel necklace. But then it occurred to me, I still think it’s weird! I still think they look like tie-backs and I still don’t want to wear one no matter how cute the marketers make them look! They’re just not for me and no ad or display is going to change that. I came to the realisation that I truly was following a trend blindly because it was being shoved in my face and not because I actually liked what ever it was I was seeing.

Maybe the next big thing will catch my eye and I’ll grasp onto it and fit it into my personal style. Maybe I won’t even think twice the next time some trendy thing that I hated last year pops up again and I’ll just walk on by. Or maybe the next trend (which is probably an old trend) will change my mind and my style and I’ll try something new. Hey, I used to hate TOMS but I caved and now I have two pair so who knows? I think the important thing is that I make the decision and don’t let the media, the ad(wo)men or the masses decide what I wear or how I wear it. It’s my style and if I want to change it I can and if I don’t I’m not going to.

So take that ugly tassel necklace! You’re still ugly in my book!


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