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Facebook felons

What is it with Facebook? Or rather, what is it with those that I call ‘Facebook Felons’? Those that seem to get a buzz from telling the world how perfect their lives are and, in turn, making the rest of us feel like our lives are quite the opposite. Not that I’m bitter or anything, it’s just that sometimes I don’t want to hear about everyone’s constant state of joy when mostly I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning to face another day at work.

What starts as a run of the mill day at the office, where the highlight of my day is the fire alarm going off and having to assemble on the car park, suddenly seems beyond mundane and leaves me wanting more out of life when I think of what all of my ‘friends’ are up to! Am I the only one, or do I others feel compelled to do so much more with their lives after trawling through the crazy, shocking and downright ridiculous comments left by Facebook ‘friends’?

Returning home from work after a stressful day, ready to recline with a steaming coffee and to catch up on emails and of course, what ‘friends’ have been up to on Facebook, I am soon propelled into the depths of despair… okay, maybe I’m not quite suicidal, but am left feeling pretty shitty about the day’s events in MY world. I read comments like ‘came home to find Champers in fridge and a dozen red roses from the love of my life’ or photos of the happy couple enjoying their fourth break this year to Rome ‘where we first met’! I usually come home to a sink full of dishes and haven’t even booked next year’s holiday, let alone been on one already this year!  Doesn’t have the same ring to it… ‘Massive bags under eyes due to huge row last night, with other half, about who ate last custard cream, lol’.

I joined Facebook as I have friends and family who do not live locally, so thought it an ideal way to follow them and look at photos or message them privately. Little did I know at the time, that I would soon be dragged into the whole ‘my life is better than yours’ from school friends who I have not seen since, well… school! I must admit though, that I find it pretty exciting when I receive a new friend request. Although usually it’s from someone who’s name it takes me most of the day to remember… like the boy with a mullet who I snogged on the school trip to Alton Towers (he was from a different school and I never saw him again!) My other half says that there is a reason that we don’t keep in touch with most of these people in the real world, i.e. because WE DON’T WANT TO! But this is NOT the case in the land of FB… oh no, we want as many friends as we can get. And what is wrong with that? It’s great to feel popular. You can’t have 15 friends listed on your profile when Julie has 215 and Chris has 326 now can you?

The thing that really gets me though, are the proud parents who put every milestone (no matter how tiny) on Facebook for everyone to see. Sure, I am immensely proud of my sons, but am I about to post a photo of them with their report or in a new outfit? I don’t think so (even if they would let me!). People who wish Happy Birthday to their child on Facebook, must surely be missing something…aren’t they sat next to you in that photo – why don’t you just say it to their face?

When did we all become so obsessed with telling others how we feel or where we are in life rather than just getting on with it? Humans are an intelligent bunch…We don’t need to be told what you want us to think of you, we are able to think for ourselves and form opinions of one another. Eventually we will get to a point where nobody uses their brains, but instead just feels what they are told to feel.

I think it would be so much better (and far more interesting) if there was a ban on Facebook Felons and we had to tell the WHOLE truth. It would be so much more entertaining to read comments such as ‘went camping, rained all week, so glad to be home’ or  ‘got fired, any jobs going?’ or better still ‘had rubbish day at work, need night out, who’s coming?’ and then we could actually communicate like we used to, by the art of conversation (in person). If people told the truth they would get so much more from Facebook…like a job offer or meeting up with friends. It should be used to communicate to people we actually want to speak to rather than those we want to show off to because we don’t feel comfortable enough to be ourselves with them.

That said, I must go and upload the snaps of my bedroom makeover ‘tropical shores and duck egg blue finish – stunning!’.


  • Rachel, I so enjoyed this piece! Yes and yes, my FB friends lead ideal lives and I feel like I have a large LOSER tattoo on my forehead.
    One friend constantly updates the world as to her whereabouts,’ @ the salon’ (ten minutes later…) ‘@the bakery’ (ten minutes later…) @ dinner with my love,’ AND ON AND ON!! Drives me a bit crazy.
    Only one friend does not make me green with envy, but she is a Class A whiner/bitch/complainer.
    I should be slapping myself silly as I check FB many times each day. Ah, my…

  • Rachel Jones Rachel Jones says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment, Kathleen…so glad you enjoyed reading my post :)

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