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Dance, dance!

I, like thousands of others, have enjoyed watching Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday night. The competition got off to a great start with Jake Wood giving a terrific performance. Watching his dance on the second week was fantastic entertainment. The judges agreed his performance was outstanding; with Darcy and Bruno giving him a standing ovation. Not forgetting the “WOW” comment he received from Craig which is a major accomplishment!

Watching the male dancers glide around the dance floor is great and got me thinking to the contrast between what adult male dancers experience compared that of young boy/teenagers. When you watch the male dancers on strictly come dancing, there is a huge amount of admiration for them and they are seen as successful and talented individuals. What a contrast it is for young boys/teenagers who undertake tap/ballet dancing lessons. I do not have children myself but I have been present when I have witnessed adults poking fun at a boy for being into dancing. The words ‘nancy’ and ‘sissy’ are horrendously common in this situation.

It’s not just in public that this occurs, a lot of it stems from television too. One example which springs to mind is Ben in EastEnders whose dad Phil was ashamed of him and he was portrayed as a wimpy type character. The other example is, of course, Billy Elliot and most of you will know what he went through to become a success. It doesn’t make any sense to ridicule and criticise young boys for dancing and yet praise them for the very same thing when they are older. I think people need to take a step back and think when they see or hear of young boys/teenagers being bullied because of a love of the performing arts.

When you look at the wonderful talented male dancers we have had the pleasure of watching, Gene Kelly being a classic example, can you imagine if one day the young boys/teenagers stopped taking up dancing altogether? What a loss to popular culture that would be. A hugely popular show like Strictly Come Dancing would be non-existent for starters! So if you have a son who is showing promise of being a talented dancer, give him your complete backing and encourage him to undertake some lessons.

Who knows, in years to come you could be sat back watching your favourite show Strictly Come Dancing with your son receiving a standing ovation and being admired all over the country!


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