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Considering astrology

Astrology. To some this is a kooky thing. I like kooky things, but not in heavy doses. The unexplained things which science is incapable of answering, the unexplained phenomena and practices… astrology is one of these things. Yet there has to be something there to warrant the study of it. If it was too kooky, why would they bother?

My first encounter with astrology was after a car accident. I was living on my own (with my dog and cat) in another town, 30 minutes from my hometown. My mother brought an astrologist to visit me. She asked if she could do my charts and I said sure, what harm could it do? She gathered basic information and returned home to draw them up. The astrologist returned a few days later, with my mother, fascinating charts and recording equipment. I was intrigued and her session with me lasted three hours.

To those who know me, no I did not jabber away or be silly, which would have explained the length of time! She was extremely professional, polite and respectful in her attitude and her hard work was testament to that. So… three solid, taped hours of an in-depth report. Unfortunately, I never listened to them again and have moved around too often and I have lost them. A pity, as now it would have been interesting to listen to them and asses their validity, as 18 1/2 years have passed by. I do recall her emphatic initial words to me, “Astrology is not fortune teller stuff. It is a study of the universe etc…”

Astrologists believe that there is a relationship between astrological phenomena and our world, with events often being linked to this relationship. However, the scientific community has rejected, but not in its entirety and, as I mentioned, studies persist. Refute it perhaps, but there has to be something there for that to happen, surely?

It sounds as if I am all for it but things like this are open and I have not made my mind up about it. I probably never will. Over the years, I am often made aware of weird stuff and have been approached at times, but to me, I have seen a serious astrologer at work. She was no kooky number! Yes sure, in this field or any similar, one gets the types who are missing a few marbles. Those types do damage, not only to lives but also their ‘industry’. I avoid them at all costs and I do sincerely think having your chart read, or whatever PROFESSIONALS call it, is a good thing. It opens your mind a bit more.

Believe in it or do not, but at least try it before slamming it.


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