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College comeback?

To take or not to take a loan that is the question?

If you are single or a loan parent, can you really afford to go back to college? There two schools of thought on this one; you cannot afford to and should stay in work, or you can if you take out a student loan. You may borrow up to £9,000 for tuition fees and up to £5,740 for living costs, per year. These you do not pay back until you earn £16,910 or more. I must say, it seems easier for women as there is more support for them. If you live on your own, without a partner or children, it is harder because the present system favours single parents.

I would save a £1000 from each instalment as your student loan as, invariably, it will be late and you need it to live. Would I date someone at college? Yes, but I would make sure they are on a different buy tamoxifen course! Being older, you can more than likely cook, so keep this in your bartering bag to trade for extra tuition or charge the younger students for home cooked food in return for money or borrowing their books. One does have to have a youthful state of mind, including playfulness, dancing skills and a brain and if you have all these you will have a ball and with adult budgeting skills, you will be way ahead of everyone else.

Younger students rely on mummy and daddy, but we don’t. I have done it without savings so can tell you that a wing and a prayer don’t always work, unless you have creative skills for dealing with the bank. Even my grandmother stopped giving me money when I didn’t visit a Chinese doctor about my eczema, so never underestimate the importance of getting a part time job for important things or the odd luxury, like holidays.


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