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A Collection I’m loving! Beauty review

Collection Super Size Mascara and Collection Extreme 24

I’m constantly on the look out for a mascara that will make my tiny, short eyelashes bigger and an eye liner that is bold and will stay put and low and behold I have found them both, made by the same company!

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I was recommend by Littlemisskaty  to try out the Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner as she swears by it so I thought hey, why not!  At a mere £2.99, yes, £2.99 you can’t go wrong! I’m so glad I bought it as it is hands down the best liner I have used. It does what it says on the tin, lasts for 24 hours (well, the whole work day that’s for sure). It’s a pure, dark black and you can wear it as thin or thick as you would like. I was rather brave and tried cat flicks for the first time with it. After a few deep breaths and baby wipes they looked great.

I would highly recommended this and if you decided to give this fantastic, price busting eye liner ago, let me know!

Collection Super Size Mascara 

My eyelashes are OK, but that’s it, just ok. I use coconut oil on them to try  and make them grow and actually, it does work but they still don’t curl as I would like them too. Why couldn’t I have inherited my mothers gorgeous lashes? Anyway, whilst I was trying to make a decision on the eye liner, I also picked this up for, you guessed it, £2.99 and to my surprise, it is great! As a base coat I used Rimmel’s Wonderful Mascara with Argon Oil (£7.99 from Boots) which is a super mascara. I then curled with my heated curlers and then another layer of Rimmel and finish off with the Super Size Mascara and my eyelashes indeed looked huge!

I have to say I am really pleased with my bargain purchases from Collection and I will indeed be checking out what else they have to offer!

Let me know if you decided to try these out!


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