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Am I Bi-Sexual? I don’t fancy girls?

My husband has said to me, on a few occasions now, that he thinks I am bi-sexual. So I am just going to clarify why he thinks this.  If you don’t want to know, please do not read any further.

I fancy men! Always have and always will! Don’t get me wrong I have girl crushes… Ooh Megan Fox! And I appreciate exceptionally beautiful women but I do not fancy girls at all. Maybe this is my own doing as I am always saying things like ‘did you see how fit she was?’ ‘Wow she is gorgeous’ and lots of other comments along the same lines. Actually, I say things like that a lot! Ahh… think I see why now.

Going further into it, if you really, really don’t want to know, STOP reading.

When the husband and I get chance, which isn’t often, we like to watch porn. We did this a lot more when we didn’t have children. Like a lot of other things. While watching it, if a girl on girl scene would come on, obviously the husband would get turned on and to my surprise I would?!? Does this make me bi-sexual? It gets me more excited than a boy girl scene.

The more I think about it I could see why he has thought this, I have done some things that may question that for instance a previous blog (I’ve kissed girls), I have had a lap dance from another female…which was amazing by the way for anyone who wants to know. And if you’re out there and like to try things, definitely go have one. I also make numerous comments and admire women’s bodies all the time but I don’t have a strong urge of attraction like I do when it comes to men. So does this mean I am bi-sexual? Can I be a little bi-sexual?

I mean, I like who I am and I don’t think the hubby minds at all if it turned out I was a little bi-sexual, that’s if you can be a little. What guy would? Not only did he bag a girl 10 years younger than him, she gets excited by girl on girl action! Please, no man would mind that.

I like men, I fancy men, I married a man, I just get a little excited by sexy women.


  • I feel women are more open than men (on the whole) to admitting if they are attracted to a member of the opposite sex.
    There are so many women who I find completely beautiful or fascinating, but that doesn’t mean I’d like to be with them. I am definitely straight, but I can appreciate when somebody is attractive, no matter what their gender is.
    Great article. :)

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