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Becoming Mindful

Being mindful really does take A LOT of hard work ! But the good news is that the longer you commit yourself to practising it (for me I am on my fifteenth week), the easier it gets …and the more fulfilling and happy life has become for me. Towards the start of my mindfulness journey, my thoughts were completely chaotic and uncontrollably trapped inside my mind. I felt helpless.

The meditation practices which Mindfulness is solely based around really did at first appear pointless to me on the surface! The reason for this, as I have only recently come to realise, is that they ARE pointless. The real fascinating effects of meditation are those that happen on the inside of us…completely reprogramming our mind! It has been proven that the meditations are particularly beneficial as they somehow increase the blood flow in your brain, which calms you down and leads to a better handling of stress in daily life (which I know we all experience on mostly a daily basis…or I do at least! ). On top of this, the meditations really do – eventually – just make you feel totally freakin’ awesome about life!

So here are the four main things I have learnt about myself (so far) by becoming a more mindful person:

• I enjoy food twice as much when I commit myself to eating it twice as slowly

• Not only does meditating before beginning an assignment make me work harder, but it also makes me work a lot smarter!

• Carrying out the recommended weekly meditations has turned me into a more patient and compassionate person

• I notice a lot more of the small things in life… things that I would have used to ignore or not even notice.

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  • Great to read your reflecions Ella. Food really DOES taste better and digest more easily when we eat with appreciation and mindfulness. Indeed it IS the mind we have to convince and learn to better control. lol. Often times, controlling our minds is one of the hardest things we can do.

  • Ella Rose says:

    I am happy that you enjoyed reading this article and yes, our minds do at times definitely have a mind of their own !

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