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Adult Acne

I have had acne since I was 12 years old and I’m now almost 30. When I was 13 I started wearing a full face of makeup to school and since then I have never left the house without it on. I won’t even answer the door if I don’t at least have foundation on. The only people to see me without makeup are my husband and children. For the majority of the time, makeup covers my acne well. But when there is a flare up, it is really hard to hide and putting makeup over the inflamed areas can make it stand out more.

I don’t like to say I suffer from acne because let’s be real, it’s not life threatening and I’m not in constant pain, but it does affect my life every day. It’s something I always think about and I am always self-conscious when I have to talk face to face with someone. I was never bullied in school about it and only one person have ever made a comment on my acne, so I don’t know why I shy away from looking at people.

I don’t know what causes my acne but I know that stress exacerbates it. Whenever I have seen a doctor or a dermatologist they have never seemed interested in what is causing it, they only want to treat it. To me this seems very strange, how can you treat something when you don’t know the cause? I have tried many different treatments including antibiotics, face washes, gels and creams but nothing has worked and most of them have made the acne worse. At my last dermatologist appointment they suggested I try Isotretinoin but after weeks of research I decided against it. There are many different side effects that can occur and for me it’s not worth the risk.

In some ways I have accepted that acne is part of my life and always will be. I now have to learn to deal with it on a day to day basis. I think without makeup I would feel worse about it and probably wouldn’t leave the house. It really frustrates me that I feel this way, because I’m a firm believer that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so why can’t I apply that to myself? Over the past year it has started to get me down more than usual and that’s when I started searching the internet for tips on how to cover it better. I came across a few beauty gurus on YouTube that have really made me feel more positive about it.

The two I love watching are Jess Bunty who is Australian and Melanie Murphy from Ireland. I have been using some of their tips and tricks and they have really worked, or at least made me feel better. Melanie especially gives me some hope that my acne might one day get better. When I first started watching her channel, her acne was quite active and I would say was slightly worse than mine. But over the past few months she has been using new products and her acne has completely cleared up.

I never thought that when I got to 30 years old I would still have acne, but that’s life. If you have adult acne how do you cope with it and do you have any suggestions for me?


  • I’m in the same boat as you, 30 and with acne. The dermatologists say it’s my hormones and so I’m taking birthcontrol pills for my skin, which helps a lot. It’s when I make a pause and stop taking them that my skin turns into Grand Canyon. I stopped taking them again this month, so this will be the true test if my skin finally got better or not. But I read that only when you have kids the hormones go back to normal, which for me may never be…

    • Thanks for commenting Katja. I was put on birth control by the dermatologist when I was 14 and have tried many different ones, but nothing works. I hope your skin clears up soon. Mine is mostly due to stress but I’m certain it’s hormonal too. I came off birth control for a few months but my skin remained the same, so I really don’t know what the answer is. I think I just have to learn to live with it.

  • Heather Heather says:

    I don’t mean to plug my own ebsite but I’ve written two articles about this on my blog. Below:

    link to shelovesherself.blogspot.co.uk

    link to shelovesherself.blogspot.co.uk

    The first is about Isostretin/Accutane and the second about how I got rid of my acne. I’m not sure if the advice will help you but it’s worth a read if you get the time!
    If not, in summary… Don’t go on Isostretin/Accutane, it’s nasty stuff! What helped me clear my skin was definitely birth control, which I know Katja has mentioned. Did you try Dianette? Another thing is mineral make up and last but not least gentle skin products.
    Thanks for writing this article though, it’s really well written and very honest. I wish you the best with trying to clear it up.
    Best, Heather x

  • Thanks Heather. I will have a read of your posts. I did try Dianette when I was a teenager but the doctor took me off it as he said I shouldn’t have been on it so long. I’m trying Clearogen now. Have you heard of it?

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