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Yoga: The Beginning Benefits

Yoga. We have all heard of it. But have we all tried it? Take your first steps into the practise of yoga and see how an exercise that has been around for centuries can help your body and your mind.


When you are a beginner, the first boundary to overcome is letting yoga become part of your life, of finding a regular moment in time for yoga and making that moment a permanent dedication. Rolling your mat out is your first yoga achievement. You are allowing the practise to begin and your mind and body to experience the benefits of yoga.

Do What You Can Do

It is easy to be put off by yoga, to think that in order to accomplish anything you must be able to hold unbelievable poses, to hook your leg behind your head and contort into shapes that resemble a pretzel. This is not true. Yoga is about finding what feels good for you, connecting with your body and your breath and emptying your mind of negative energy.

The beauty of yoga is that it can be catered for every body and every person. You have a choice in what you allow yourself to do, you have variations of each pose with equal benefits and you are in control. With regular practise, you have room to improve and to grow, giving you pleasure in the knowledge that through dedication you have progressed.

Better Your Health

Studies have shown that yoga can have amazing health benefits for common problems.

Having trouble sleeping? Yoga can help you practise emptying the mind, relaxing your body and regulating your breath, allowing you to drift off to sleep quicker!

Feeling a bit stiff? Yoga benefits your joints and circulatory system allowing your body to move better and feel better, and your organs to function better.

Always stooped over a computer? Yoga allows you to focus on your alignment, (Head over Heart!) strengths your muscles and improves your posture.

Feeling stressed? Yoga helps clear your mind and allows yourself to dedicate time that is solely for you. And of course, as with all exercise, it releases endorphins that react with receptors in your brain to trigger positive feelings.

So step away from your medicine cabinet and step onto your mat!


Try it for yourself

All you need for yoga is a mat and an open mind. So why not try it for month and see how beginners yoga can benefit you.

Search for beginners’ classes in your area or why not use Youtube to find beginner tutorials online.

Please share comments of your experiences and progress in your yoga journey below!


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