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A writer’s writer’s block!

Wow! I can’t believe how long my sabbatical has been until just now. Yes, I was suffering from writer’s block. The worst thing to experience, if you’re a writer. It’s as if your whole world is at a standstill. You’re itching to write, but nothing comes from that desire. You pull up your paper (be it on the computer or by hand, or even on the old typewriter) and you’re stuck. Nothing flies on the paper and the keys don’t depress at your fingertips because you have no words or thoughts to put to that paper and it bugs you to the end of all time, day after day, knowing that you want to do this, but you just don’t have anything to share. It’s just not working. Well, I think I have finally come up out of the cave and can see light once more. No more dark corners or cloudy skies to look at, I’m finally seeing the sun and the light at the end of that dark tunnel.

So, for those individuals who have experienced this awful feeling, please know that it does break and you can continue. Nope, it may not happen when you want  or need it to, but it will happen (as in my case) in the spur of the moment and things just click.

Sometimes, it can be due to personal changes in your life; work, relationships, children, financial struggles, etc. My advice is to be patient and know that you will find your voice once again and be that much quicker to put it on paper. If writing is your passion, then it is meant for you. Stay with it and don’t give up. Never give up!

I want to say thank you to all of my sisters within Women Make Waves who know the ups and downs of writing and, thereby, continue to support each other when things are down as well as when they are up!

My next article I am putting together is based on an up and coming lyricist whose message is very powerful for someone so young. His sound and his message is unlike anything you’ve heard as of yet. The individual may strike you as someone similar, but not replicated.

Until then, stay on target for all of your goals that you set forth for yourself and again, NEVER GIVE UP!


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