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Worry dolls

I received these colourful, tiny dolls a few days ago from a Charity for children and crafted by the orphans. I Loved them as have never seen or heard of them before, so they are something new. I love good surprises, new events, situations and things like that. Who doesn’t like that? Receiving these delightful dolls opened a new door for me and I did some basic research into these adorable items. What elevates them to a status way above regular dolls, beside their colourful and pint size appearance, is the meaning attached. They are not ordinary.

These are part of a Guatemalan tradition for children and it’s wonderful. Some traditions make no sense to me, but this one does. I can imagine myself as a little girl, not that I had many worries, only the normal amount. I would have loved the unique sentiment attached to these dolls and would have whispered juvenile, suburban worries to them such as, “I do not like my new top. Mom says I have to wear it tomorrow” etc , although I must admit I would have most likely misplaced the tiny things.

My toy dolls were victims of ‘makeup’ applied via permanent markers. I turned my dolls into rock stars… I was too young to listen to rock buy hcg nolvadex music but was enthralled by the associated outfits and makeup. My dolls bore the brunt of my interest for a little while.

My fleeting ‘obsession’ soon passed but the damage had already happened. The sweet dolly clothing was replaced by hand sewn (by a young child) awful and gaudy clothing. Hair was hacked off, ink applied all over their faces. Yeah, you get the picture. They were a mess. Of course, I thought they looked fantastic. My mother never did.

So that is my ‘doll’ history and now, further into adult years, I receive these tiny dolls.

A child usually makes them and then whispers his or her worries to them before tucking them under their pillow. In the morning, the little magical dolls will have whisked the worries away, allowing for blissful sleep. Sometimes, parents get involved, much like on behalf of the tooth fairy, by carefully removing the dolls while the child sleeps. When they wake up in the morning, they find the little dolls gone, which reinforces the belief that the worry dolls have whisked their worries away and they can once again, be happy and unstressed.

Lovely idea, don’t you think?

- made from wire, paper, thread, cotton fabric and hand painted/drawn faces.
Made from wire, paper, thread, cotton fabric and hand painted/drawn faces.


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