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World war three?

I read a news headline: UK jets intercept yet more Russian bombers heading for Britain.

Many things I find amazing, this one is not a happy one but had a happy conclusion. It caused me to catch my breath and think a bit more…

We have, very often, absolutely no idea what is going on around us. This is serious. Scary. What caught my attention was the ‘MORE’, so this happened before? It’s amazing to think that this probably goes on often. After all, the UK is a first world country and growing stronger, despite some trying, TRYING to bring it down. To get where it is and maintain its power, great enemies are of course inevitable.

Serious stuff happens. This is merely one, very real and potentially disastrous event stopped by the good guys. Makes one wonder what else happens every day that we never know about and are never meant to know about.

There is a popular UK series about MI5. Yeah, ok, for dramatisation reasons it is fictional and over exaggerated but nevertheless, when I see things like this, I wonder… is it so exaggerated? Some I am sure is fictional, yet based on fact. Scary shit. Movies and serious book stuff, spies, espionage, guns, life, death. It feeds our insatiable need for excitement but excitement coming from a movie house or our home. It’s there, but not real. Ha! This headline makes it real. I am gullible, but not to the point of believing outrageously stupid things! So yeah, I can be suckered into believing over exaggerated things, if the person telling me it is sane and convincing. However, no one casually informed me of this occurrence, it is from a Royal Air Force blog. This cannot be misinterpreted, nor can it be close to an exaggeration.

Imagine, this was not some little military defence thing. This is heavy. I mean like third world war stuff (it really could be if the bombers weren’t intercepted). Yes, perhaps they (Russia) were doing a military task thing… but in our air space? What happens, hypothetically speaking, worst case scenario, if their intent was of a nefarious nature and backed by a sinister plan? What if no good people had control?

Yeah, I chose the right country.


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