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Work in wardrobe

Working from home seems like a dream for the faux fashionista; staying in your slippers, pyjamas at your desk and onezies to telephone conferences – and it’s not even dress down Friday! And yet, when people remark upon the wonder of staying in my favourite fluffy robe day in day out, I’m left with the enthusiasm that fails to mirror theirs.

Okay, I’ll admit it. When I began my own business and started working from home, not having to make sure I had enough different blouses for every single day and straight line pants that dug into my coffee-and-muffin-to-go-meeting hips was such a relief and getting ready for work went from at least a solid hour to ten minutes (meaning another 50 minutes in bed. Result!). But you know what happens when you look lazy on the outside? You feel lazy on the inside.

Nothing says duvet day more than yesterday’s ponytail hair and a comfy (if any) bra and somewhere deep down, my more shallow self wondered if my husband-to-be thought I’d just given up on my looks. He put a ring on it, so I don’t need to make the effort any more? But I do. Not just for him, but for me, my business and my energy.

Adding a flick of of No.7 to my lashes and a puff of soft red blush to my cheeks is the simplest and most effective way to make my brain feel like I’m off to work. My office may only be 20 yards from my bed, but I am off to work. I may not wear the power presentation dress or that sure fire sale suit, but I now wear comfortable yet presentable outfits to work. Wearing these gives me back the control over the situation. I am at work. I am in charge. Chic and floaty blouses, smart yet stretchy pants and comfortable, stylish indoor pumps mean I’m ready for business and yet comfortable at the same desk for the long hours that self employment brings.

People say that beauty runs skin deep and efforts for fashion’s sake are for the benefit of others, to gain acceptance and adoration and yet, fashion runs deep within my psyche. Looking good seriously means feeling great, even if I am the only one that sees it. And feeling great means feeling enthusiastic, energetic and powering through the day with meaning.

This isn’t for the benefit of others; it’s for the good of my job. Long live the work from home wardrobe!


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