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My boyfriend is trying to convince me I am the only feminist that believes in masculism, that in fact I am the only feminist left who believes in equality and apparently hundreds of others on the internet agree with him using #womenagainstfeminism as a catapult to stomp feminism into the ground.

I feel threatened, hurt, horrified even degraded at the idea that people are terminating feminism and justifying it with reason’s like “I don’t need feminism to get me ahead at work”, the logic in this is lost on me; feminism is the reason a woman can work. I believe I am a feminist, I have studied feminism, I have studied masculism, I have written essays on societies gap of feminism and masculism due to the breaking down of gender roles, I respect all people as equal and idyllically thought feminism was safe. I understand people think that feminists are becoming over sensitive, even forceful and prominently anti-men, but it isn’t feminist to be anti-men, it is misandry.

How many times have you heard someone claim a man is a misogynist and how many times have you heard someone call a woman a misandrist? I am betting the latter is less common, that is probably because people started using the word feminist instead of misandrist and now it carries a stain of a similar meaning. As I write this, the words misandry and masculism are unidentifiable to Google’s common word dictionary, yet misogynist is. Like with racism, society has gone through an overly politically correct phase with sexism, that conundrum of how to describe a persons image without giving offence seems to have been reflected in who we can claim is being sexist compared with their anatomy. This in turn has left millions of sexist people running around claiming they are feminists and everyone deciding they’ve had enough- well as far as I can make sense of it all.

Why is feminism so important? It is important because the movement of women being equal to men is still very relevant on a global scale, but most prominently it is important because equalitism is important. If someone claimed they were pro gay rights would you believe they were anti straight? If someone belongs to a charity that focuses on the needs of a particular ethnic minority would that mean they were ultimately racist? We are all equal and we are all individual, we cannot help these differences but sometimes we have to recognise them in order to help us achieve unity. It may sound dramatic but I feel like slandering feminism on the internet re-enforces inequality in areas where basic womens rights have not yet being achieved. I think it is selfish and comes from an overly privileged place to believe feminism has “gone too far” ¬†whereas in reality it hasn’t traveled far enough.

This is why I am asking you to protest with me, revolt against the #womenagainstfeminism phenomenon by dividing what feminism is or should idyllically be about (equality) and calling out fake feminism as misandry. We should be embracing the word misandry and promoting the notion of masculism, lets be equal and individual together.



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