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Should women wear make up?

Yes. I believe we should.

Ever since I was young, make up has been an important part of my daily routine. Having two older sisters and a stylish Mother, it has always been made clear to me that having a full face of make up is a good thing and that a woman should pride herself on finding the right products for herself.

I remember asking my Mum when I was very little for foundation, much to her disapproval. But really, I had seen both her and my sisters putting their make up on day in day out and wanted to try. Needless to say, when I was old enough to have my own products I was extremely excited.

At present I use MAC cosmetics and can’t see that changing any time soon. Though £15 for a lipstick or £40 for a powder brush may seem a bit steep, when you find the right make up for you it means you never want to change it. MAC make up lasts months or even a year, and for me it really is worth every penny.

I’ve never really understood women who don’t find pleasure in buying beauty products or applying their make up because I think it makes you feel a lot better about yourself. Whether you are a little girl wanting to copy your Mum and siblings or you are a mature woman who has worked her way through all the brands, choosing and using make up should be a treat you look forward to giving yourself.


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