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Being A Woman

Being a woman is hard. There is a lot of negativity about our gender and when I asked all of my female family members and friends why they liked being a woman, they struggled to come up with something positive to say.

This has to change.

Women should feel beautiful in their own skin, they should feel special and love who they are. Women should embrace their differences but also stick together when they need to fight for what they believe in. I think all women should stick two fingers up at any one who says that they’re not good enough because you are good enough! Believe me! You are perfect just the way you are! As women we need to keep our heads held high when society tries to tear us down.

The media pollutes our minds into believing that we should live our lives a certain way and do anything we possibly can to live up to their idea of perfection. People will secretly judge you if you decide you don’t want to have any children and will shake their head with disagreement if you have children too early. They will try to make you feel inadequate when you make the decision to lead a single life and they pressure you to take the next appropriate step if you are in a long term relationship.

You will always be compared to someone prettier than you but who says you’re not beautiful too? There will always be photo shopped images of women on magazines and in time this will chip away any self-esteem that you already had. However, you have to remember that those images are not real. The celebrities that are on the front covers have bad skin, uneven eyebrows and stretch marks just like you. We just don’t see those things because the media chooses to overlook the fact that women have flaws.

Misogynists will try and make you feel like you are an object and nothing more.  Remember, that you are a person and you deserve to have the same rights as any man. Whether you want to have a career in medicine or raise your children at home, it doesn’t matter. You do what you want to do, not what society expects you to do.

The daily struggles that women face are hard to ignore. We have to deal with hormonal changes, health problems, periods, bearing children (if we wish to do so), our bodies change as a result of this, we have to put up with being harassed in the street by men who think it is okay to whistle at you (we’re not dogs). I could carry on listing the disadvantages of being a woman but that’s not what this article is about.

When I came up with the idea to write this article, I too had to free my mind of all the negativity that I associated with being a woman. I had to remember that despite everything we have to go through in our lives – being a woman is pretty awesome. I love that we can wear pretty dresses, colourful make up and glitter nail polish and we can choose to become someone else if we wish.

Unfortunately, women are always being judged by their appearance rather than their character. You will discover that you fit into one box and one box only. You’re referred to as ‘the pretty one’, ‘the one with the blonde hair’ or ‘the clever one.’ Why can’t you be everything? Clever… beautiful… successful… smart… talented. Ignore society’s definition of you. The only opinion that matters is the one that you have of yourself.

I wanted to know if the women I knew had something positive to say about being a woman. I wanted them to think about it for a while because it isn’t an easy thing to answer, I asked them to finish this sentence – I like being a woman because… and to my surprise, I got some amazing responses.

I like being a woman because I have emotions that males could never understand and we can create life and grow attachments to our child like no other person can understand – Natalie Hilton.

‘I like being a woman because we are born with the most incredible instinct!’ – Brooke Cafearo.

‘I love being a woman because one day I’ll get the chance to be a bride and a mother – the two greatest joys in life’ – Sophie Percival.

‘I like being a woman because we have the tendency to be more compassionate.’ – Patricia Heng.

‘I like being a woman because society expects less of us and with complete disregard we constantly exceed them and ‘stick it to the man’ so to speak. (No sexist intent when using that quote)’ – Amy Louise Bagley.

‘I like being a woman because after being apart, when we see each other again it’s like we just saw each other yesterday.’– Lucy Walton-Lange.

‘I like being a woman because we know how to have buy nolvadex uk forum fun’ – Katie Hickson.

‘I like being a woman because you get that special bond with your children that only a mother has’ – Lucy Dejongward.

‘I like being a woman because I got to carry another life inside of me. This is honestly the most amazing feeling in the world, knowing I have brought this little person into the world and watching him grow everyday’ – Christina Fairclough.

‘I like being a woman because I feel like I am in control of everything I say and do’ – Laura H.

‘I like being a girl because you can do anything you want with your hair, wear make up and paint your nails’ – Olivia Barlow.

‘I like being a woman, there are plenty of things that make me proud and happy to be a woman but mother hood by far is the most amazing’ – Courtney Bourke.

‘I like being a woman because I can choose to be feminine or be one of the boys, and I don’t need to man up!’ – Beth Quinn.

‘I like being a woman because of the freedom and rights we have’ – Jess Dunn.

I like being a woman because I couldn’t imagine being anything else. Being a mother is one of the greatest blessings in life – Julie McCann.

‘I like being a woman because I think we register more with the world around us. We notice things; tiny details, hints of how people are feeling – we connect more on that personal level. It must be some sort of an evolution thing’ – Becky Hayes.

‘I like being a woman because I have had an amazing experience of carrying a life within me for nine months and then bringing it into this world’ – Stacey Foy.

‘I like being a woman because being a woman allows me to have children, the greatest gift of all and to create a family of unconditional love’ – Sue Barker.

‘I like being a woman because, women are care givers and home makers and that makes me proud’ – Bianca Skye Vincent.

I like being a woman because we can dress up or dress down if we wish. Every day we can be somebody new – Stacey Barlow.

‘I like being a woman because we can multitask!’ – Samantha Green.

‘I like being a woman because I can choose to be someone or something different everyday’
– Amy Tocknell.

I like being a woman because you can handle all the burdens in life and still carry on with a smile on your face – Raechel Holt.

I like being a woman because I have a beautiful daughter and being a woman makes me strong enough to raise her on my own – Alicia Coral Gerrard.

‘I like being a woman because despite the constant struggles of misogyny we face – rape culture, inequality, over sexualisation and body shaming, the extradition transwomen and women of colour – women continue to be strong, continue to overcome oppression and fight for the right of our voices, all of our voices to be heard’ – Donna C.

‘I like being a woman cos no boy ever looked good in a little black dress’ – Sofi Haigh.

It is unmistakable that motherhood is one of the main reasons why women enjoy being women; it must be a wonderful feeling to grow a person inside of you, watch them grow up and become who they are meant to be. Maybe I will get to experience this one day.

Now it’s my turn to finish the sentence.

I like being a woman because… I feel like I am never alone. I am part of a sisterhood, a secret club that only women can join. This is why I love the community that we have here at Women Make Waves, we can share our stories, give each other advice and make great friends. Women have their own way of communicating and I feel like we all understand each other, we feel emotions differently to men and we see the world differently too.

Although some men still believe in the old fashioned ideal that women belong in the kitchen, they must stay at home and raise children and they shouldn’t have the right to vote or have the same opportunities as men, as women we fight every day to eliminate this sexist notion.

Women are strong, independent, we are great leaders and we have a high threshold for pain. I love being a woman because hopefully one day I will get to experience being a mother, I will have an amazing career that I worked hard to get and I will achieve every single one my dreams because being a woman means that I am unstoppable, I can do anything that I set my mind to!

Thank you to all of the ladies that provided me with quotes for this article. Remember that being a woman is amazing and we should feel fortunate that we get to live our lives this way.

 Comment below and tell me why you like being a woman.


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