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Remember when you were a kid and it was coming up to your birthday or Christmas and you might wish for a new barbie or a jigsaw? Well those days are over with a capital ‘O’. These days kids have wishlists and I’m not even talking a letter to Father Christmas: “Dear Santa, I have been really good this year, please can you bring me Beach House Barbie, thanks and say hi to the reindeer, Zoe.”

These days, wishlists are filled with hundreds of pounds worth of goods for children who are too young to even understand what it is they want. I can remember getting all sorts of brilliant http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com toys and games when I was young, none of which came from a wishlist just thoughtful presents from friends and family. I was as happy with a colouring book as I was with a fancy toy. But sadly this is not the case anymore and as I look around the room and see the amount of amazing, wonderful toys my little lady has already got and she’s not even a year old, I wonder if I too will get drawn into the world of wishlists. Will a colouring book be good enough when my little lady is surrounded by the best of everything?


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