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Wishful Thinking…

In the mummy world I am a relatively new mum to my beautiful little lady, adjusting to life as a mummy and all the challenges it brings…in the professional or ‘real’ world I am Project Manager in the Healthcare industry.
Throughout my pregnancy I was full of wistful ideas that I would become a ‘mumprenmeur’, leave my job and work from home. I daydreamed hours away picturing myself sitting at an antique oak desk, my little lady playing nicely on the mat while I enjoyed the benefits of working from home. Where we would find the space for an antique oak desk I do not know and rather than playing nicely on the mat you can usually find my little lady clamouring over me trying to press the keys on my laptop while I balance it precariously on my lap. During pregnancy I decided to keep a diary and record my feelings and the changes I was going through. I continued to do this after my little lady was born and was convinced that this was it – I was going to become a literary superstar and the likes of Marie Claire would soon be contacting me. They didn’t. I did however find that I really enjoyed writing and it became an outlet for me to get things off my chest and reflect on this new person that was called mum. A little while into my maternity leave I started a blog and published some of my articles. I’ve had such a positive response and a lot of people have contacted me to say how much they’ve enjoyed my articles and how they’ve made them laugh and cry. If feels good to know that I am making a difference somewhere to someone.
I’m now back at work and balancing my time with my little lady and my professional life. I am a regular at various mummy and me classes and we are in the process of trying out lots of new activity groups. I feel as though I am two people. Half the week I the professional that I always was, in work, attending meetings, having normal and intelligent conversations with colleagues and half the week I am running around a church hall singing about Elephants having wrinkles, playing the hoola hoop hop and pulling funny faces at my little lady – I am mum.


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