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Winter is here!

It’s been a long time that I’ve been waiting for it, but the chill is finally here. The leaves of autumn are still lingering and covering the roads and pavements, but the sight of air passing your lips is only just now visible. You’re praying it will snow so you can have the day off work or build a snowman or make snow angels, listening intently to hear whether the trains have been stopped and the joy you feel when you realise you are going to be unable to make it into work that day due to weather is tangible. Then you ring all your friends so you can meet up to take part in the biggest snowball fight in history! The seasonal ice rinks, which pop up left and right, are still another reminder of how magical winter is!

I remember sitting in my primary school trying to solve a maths question and suddenly hearing a pupil shout “it’s snowing!” That was the best feeling ever. Then the whole class would stare out of the window, forgetting all of what they had just learnt and knowing that the school was probably going to close the next day. Snow for me is just the best thing nature can offer; it brings joy to hundreds of people every year. Families come together to enjoy a nice cup of cocoa together and admire the creations they have each made out of freshly laid snow. Plus, warming yourself up by the fire is a homely feeling you can only experience in winter. It’s worth getting freezing cold, just so you can get toasty warm again later!

Winter is my favourite time of year; I love the gloves, scarfs and woolly boots that you can only wear in winter. The nice snug feeling, only felt when wrapped up by the fire, while watching the snow fall outside the window.

Snow is fun, but stay safe! Try to be prepared by checking the forecast near you!


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